Is your memory changing with age

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Is your memory changing with age?

Our memory - a collection of memorization processes, conservation and restoration information. Violation of any of these links leads to a «loss of data», i.e., the deterioration of our memory.

Intuitively, each of us can tell a lot about your memory. Suppose someone has a good «visual memory», and someone does not remember numbers or dates such as birthdays. Some people boast fast retrieval of information from memory - as a rule, is very knowledgeable people; someone can memorize large volumes, there is even a special competition GMS - speed and volume of memorized material. Many well-developed associative memory - it is at the pleasant memories when viewing photo albums, in general, as I said, each of you can , analyzing , once characterized his memory . Perhaps this fact is that the memory Strength worsens. But then depends on a person how he would work on it.

What determines the sharpness of memory? From what do you need this information or not. Of course, saying «need ", I mean its biological significance, ie, whether it is necessary for your survival. That is why it is so easy to remember the events that affect our emotions, because for you, this information is significant . And for the same reason that virtually every one of us already cannot remember anything from the curriculum , because this information was given to us not to help in life, as many people think , but in order to teach us how to develop your memory . The more we remember, the better our memory. The more we make an effort to remember - the clearer our memory.

Nothing develops our brain as learning something new. In children, the most capable of memorizing and learning. But it...