What is your most valued intangible possession?

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My most valued intangible possession is my faith in God, which is the principle guiding force in my life. Although I was not raised in a religious family, I always knew that my life was created for a purpose beyond physical satisfaction. Despite my young age, I have already achieved significant financial and professional success in a highly competitive field. Although our culture worships money and physical possessions, I don't derive personal satisfaction from these pursuits. I feel most at peace, and most alive, when I align my work and decisions behind God's purpose.

My calling is not in the ministry or as a representative of any organized religion. I respect each person's right to believe or not believe in a higher power as (s)he sees fit. I will never totally understand why or how God calls each of us and reveals His plan. I simply know that God called me to be an honorable man, a loving husband and father and an ethical businessman.

He continually places me in situations where I can use my natural gifts to help others, whether at work, in church, or through volunteering in community enterprises. My acceptance into an MBA program will also be guided by His will and overall plan.

Friends often comment on my calm personality, even during times of crisis. This "grace under pressure", or ability to survive horrific situations, is the direct personification of God's will. My faith is strongest not during good times, but during bad ones, as I know that He walks with me and provides the strength and resources to survive, learn from the experience and eventually help others through my accumulated wisdom. Nothing on earth compares to the serentiy and happiness of surrendering my life to Him as I awaken each day.