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I am a self-motivated person who takes charge of her life. For example, there was a time when I was not satisfied with my own work in math and study skills. I took the initiative and asked my mother to enroll me in a tutoring program, where I committed to working six extra hours a week, in addition to my regular academic workload. I knew that the extra work would pay off. I am proud of the progress that I have already made in my academic skills, and know it will better prepare me for my middle school challenges.

I feel that honors-level language arts will help me attain my dream of becoming a poet. My great-grandmother (who passed away last year at 107 years of age), my grandmother and my mother were all published poets. I have been told that I also have talent. I truly enjoy expressing myself through the written word.

Honors-level pre-algebra will assist me throughout school by encouraging logical thinking and developing my problem-solving ability. I enjoy math and would consider it a privilege to delve deeper into the subject.

I am well-suited to be part of the honors program, since I am the kind of student who wants to know the "whys" of the world. I believe that the honors program will help me find the answers.