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How is Diverse Culture portrayed through Lee Harper's 'To Kill a mockingbird'?

The concept of Diverse Culture in Lee Harper's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is portrayed when she delves deep into the themes of racial prejudice, social hierarchy and distinctive 'local' cultures. This text, through its use of 1st person narration, effectively reveals the notion of inequality and evil within the presence of diverse culture in a society.

This novel is written in the perspective of Scout, a young, innocent girl, and as the novel progresses, she experiences many tormenting instances of racial prejudice and evil in the nature of mankind, hence maturing. From the court case of Tom Robinson, Scout is blinded and infected by the injustice of the law and the bias towards the 'white' community regardless of the facts presented, "I saw something only a lawyer's child could be expected to see … that the gun was empty" as she quickly realizes that Tom Robinson's fate could only be to undergo harsh, inhumane punishment.

The simile in the quote further emphasizes at the notion of racial prejudice and highlights the traumatic issues scraped upon when two cultures, in this instance the white and black community, collide. Together with Scout, we understand the moral nature of mankind and its faults clearly shown with their prejudice through interaction once two cultures are congested into the one society.

The social hierarchy that has naturally built in the racist town of Maycomb provides a solid overview on the inequality and evil deeds aimed upon those who are marked as 'different'. The social status the citizens of Maycomb are clouded upon reveals the unfairness in the society they live in as the white community had instantaneous advantage over their so referenced 'niggers' despite their wealth or well-being as...