Your Race, Your Life : Whether it plays a role in your life

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Race is a physical characteristic that society uses to distinguish one group from another. Although race is not part of nature it seems to be a big part of society. It separates in many cases a person's skin color from another and a person's facial features from another. Race is something that most people live with and for some they never really know it affects them until they are faced with an incident that has been brought due to their race. We judge and treat people differently according to what society has labeled their race.

I am originally from Sri Lanka but have lived in Canada for most of my life. Therefore, I mostly identify as a Sri Lankan or Sri Lankan Canadian. Most people that I meet for the first time identify me as an Indian or South Asian. I'd like to think race really hasn't affected me much, but in reality it is not true.

The privileges that I am most likely to receive are mostly amongst my own community or race. The reason being, knowing my native language provides me with the ability to communicate with a person from my own race. When I am interacting with them I wouldn't have to think about the whether or not a person is concerned about my race.

The discrimination that I have experienced is mostly because of my color. Occasionally, I have come across people that have not wanted to interact with me and I have come across instances where I have been treated differently compared to a white person because of my color. For example, when I travel from Canada to Kansas, when I face U.S. immigration I am hassled by the officers despite having all my documents and being a Canadian citizen.

With the increased debates...