Your Skin And How To Take Care Of It

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YOUR SKIN AND HOW TO TAKE CARE OF IT Skin is the largest organ, it covers your whole body. It consists of three basic layers, the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutis. They each have their own set of layers. The epidermis is the top layer of your skin. It is made up by the kernatinocytes which are single cells. The epidermis has four basic layers. The basal layer, the prickle layer, the granular layer, and the horny layer. Kernatinocytes hold these layers together. The Dermis is the second basic layer of the skin. It is made up by a protein called collagen. It makes your skin look young and healthy. When you get older your collagen starts to disappear, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin. Fibroblasts are cells that make up your collagen. These cells join the molecules of collagen together until the final collagen has been made. The dermis also has the elastin which allows your skin to flex.

The dermis is also like a path for your blood vessels and lymph channels. The subcutis is the third basic layer of your skin. It is mostly made up of fat cells. Your body stores energy there.

During adolescence your skin changes thanks to your hormones. On people's faces appear zits, whiteheads, cysts and blackheads. How do they get there in the first place? Well, your face has many sebaceous glands also called pores. Pores produce sebum, which is an oil to keeps your face from getting too dry. Sometimes problems happen like your skin doesn't produce enough of it which makes your face dry, or a pore can clog with too much sebum and with skin cells that are already dead. The pore gets so clogged that it kind of over flows and it causes a pimple, whitehead...