In your studies of 'Lord of the Flies' did you find the conclusion satisfying or disappointing in the view of what had gone before?

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In William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies, he was worried about the chaos that would occur if the civilization and leadership were to disappear. He also demonstrates that all well behaved children are able to do great evil without adults to guide them along the way. Also through the novel he sowed the imperfections of like and the ending of his text shows these concerns.

Golding carefully puts together that the boys of Britain can do wrong, that they have to be well behaved. It is important to look how he decides to portray the boys and put them together as one. The character Simon was the spiritual side of the group and civilization. Once your dignity, spirit and self respect for one another and ourselves are lost, we are no better than evil savages who want to hunt and kill people for the sake of looking harsh.

When Golding put together Lord of the Flies, he adds in jack. Jack comes to the island as the leader of well behaved choir boys and leaves being savage and the leader of the tribe. His passion for hunting shows that Golding thinks and understands the well behaved and controlled children can do harm to others. In his novel, he tries to tell the audience that they are not well behaved when they don't have the authority with adults.

Golding's choice to have the boys rescued at the end of the text allows the readers and the audience to see how important the navel officer is to the boys. When the navel officer comes, it express' that there is civilization beyond them, and when he comes the are brought back to sudden reality. By the end of Golding's text, the boys had lost all initiative off their...