Your successful life at age 35!

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Living It Up!

I am 35 years of age and life is good! I am married to the beautiful singer/actress/writer Solange Knowles (Beyonce's younger sister). We live a wonderful life with 6 adopted children. We know there are so many unfortunate children in this world, that's why we adopted so many and will continue to adopt more. We have 3 beautiful houses which have all been featured on MTV's Cribs. One in the suburbs of Chicago, one in New York and one in the 51rst state of Puerto Rico. Each has 15 bed rooms, 2 movie theaters, a gymnasium, game rooms, small water parks and lots of cultural paintings and sculptures.

I wouldn't live the way I live hadn't it been for the movie that launched my career. I thought of this movie idea when I was a young teen but didn't pursue it till I was 29. For several years I have making movies and music video's but by the time I got through with paying the bills and expenses I would have very little money left.

It didn't help with having four children at the time.

I saw a piece of paper where I had written down this idea of a movie when I was about 16 or 17. I picked up a pen and stayed in my office for days typing up this script. The hard part was coming up with a name. I thought about the name karma, circles, eye for an eye and so on. Then I called up my good friend Ellen. We were just talking about my new project, then I said the words "vice versa" then we both stopped talking, and I got all excited and said "yes, that's it!" That's the name of my next movie. Ellen agreed then I...