Be Yourself - A short play about fitting in and peer pressure in high school.

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This is a short play my friends and I came up with for health class. It very a la Mean Girls =D.

Be YourselfCharacters:> Wednesday/Wendy> Valarie> Vanessa> Devil> Angel> Justin> MumSCENE 1*At home packing.*WEDNESDAY: I can't believe we're moving again!MUM: Well then when we get there, you'll believe it!WEDNESDAY: Just when I was finally becoming used to this place!MUM: I don't know why you're doing this, we always move and you know it!WEDNESDAY: Argh! You're ruining my life!*Wednesday runs and stomps out of room*SCENE 2*In a classroom. Wednesday walks past Vanessa and Valerie. There is and empty spot next to them but Valerie puts her handbag there as Wednesday walks past. Wednesday sits alone in the row behind them.*VANESSA: So, you're the new girl? Hahahahahaha, look at you.

*Valerie gives Vanessa a sharp look and she stops laughing immediately*VALEIRE: Vanessa?WEDNESDAY: Uh, yeah, I just moved here.

VALERIE: Shut up!WEDNESDAY: Uh, I didn't say anything.

VANESSA: No, she means shut up shut up.

*Vanessa and Valerie put their heads together and start whispering.*VALERIE: Look at her. She is pretty. Pretty enough even to be competition for us. We have to let her be in our group.

VANESSA: Oh I get it, and then she has to do what we say.

*Stop whispering*VALERIE: You should know, we don't do this very often. Tell her Vanessa.

VANESSA: Okay, how would you like to hang out with us from now on?VALERIE: but you have to change your name. I mean come on, who's name is Wednesday anyway? Hahaha!VANESSA: So, what do you say?WEDNESDAY: Uh…*Everyone freezes except Wednesday and an angel appears on her right*ANGEL: Hello my dear.

*The angel looks over to her left*ANGEL: Hmm, he's late - again.

*The devil appears on her left and yawns*DEVIL: So, what did I miss?WEDNESDAY: Uh, sorry to interrupt, but who the heck are you guys?ANGEL: Well we're your conscience dear, your sense of right, or wrong.

*Meanwhile the Devil has been making yapping gestures with his hand and making silly faces while the Angel has been talking*DEVIL: Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. So! What's the problem?WEDNESDAY: Okay then. Well these girls here say that they'll let me in their group - if I change my name.

ANGEL: Wha -DEVIL: Well that's easy, I can't believe I woke up for this. Be their friend obviously. Look at them. They're hot! Imagine the hotness that would rub onto you, just by standing next to them!ANGEL: What?! Are you crazy?! Didn't you listen; they want her to change her name! Don't do it Wednesday, they don't look like nice girls.

DEVIL: Hey, don't worry about what he says. He's got personality issues.

*Devil makes a cookoo gesture about the angel*WEDNESDAY: Yeah but, he is making a strong argument.

DEVIL: But can he do this.

*Devil does the "cutting thumb" illusion trick*WEDNESDAY: Well you do make a good point. I think I will join them, I mean it's just my name they're changing. It's not like I'm going to change.

DEVIL: All right! Listen; can you give them my number?ANGEL: I can only give you advice. You must make the decision - although I can't believe you're listening to him!*Angel and Devil disappear. People start moving and talking again*WEDNESDAY: Okay! I've decided to join your group. So what will my new name be?VALERIE: Well we've been discussing that, not only your name but if you want to hang with us, a lot of you has to change.

VANESSA: Your new name will be Wendy; it's the closest non-dork name to your old one.

WEDNESDAY: Okay, Thanks…I guess.

VALERIE: Coolness so come by my house tomorrow and we'll fix you.

SCENE 3*In the classroom - different class*JUSTIN: Hey, uh, can you explain this to me; I have like no idea what the teacher is going on about?WENDY: Oh, sure.

*Wendy is embarrassed*WENDY: When you multiply two negative numbers it makes a positive. Just like saying two wrongs make a right. Get it?JUSTIN: Yeah, when you say it like that! Thanks. Hey, how come I haven't seen you around before?WENDY: I'm new here; my name is Wednes - Wendy! My name is Wendy, yeah.

JUSTIN: Oh okay.

*Bell rings*JUSTIN: Well then, I'll see you around!SCENE 4*At Valerie's house*VALERIE: Okay so let's get started.


*Wendy gets a makeover. Her back is turned to the audience and when the makeover is done she turns around.*VANESSA: Finished! But there's something missing…VALERIE: I know, you haven't got your ears pierced have you?WEDNESDAY: You can pierce your ears?VANESSA: I love her, she's like an alien.

VALERIE: Look, Vanessa and I both have our ears pierced; in fact I'm going for my third one tomorrow. You will look weird if you don't have your ears pierced and Justin won't like you if you're weird, will he?WENDY: How do you guys know?VANESSA: please, it's obvious the way you look at him. I mean it would take a genius to figure that out. Hahaha…VALERIE: It wouldn't.

VANESSA:…Hahaha - huh?VALERIE: It wouldn't take a genius to figure that out. Anyway the point is let me pierce your ears and Justin will like you.

WENDY: He would like me?*Everyone freezes again except Wendy and the Angel and Devil appear *DEVIL: Whoa! Look at you!ANGEL: Lord what have they done to you?WENDY: Do you like it? But they want to pierce my ears.

DEVIL: And? Your point being?ANGEL: Don't let them pierce your ears! Do you know how many flesh eating diseases you could get?!WENDY: But Valerie said that Justin will like me if I do it.

DEVIL: Sweet. What more do you want?!ANGEL: Well what if you get gangrene and your ears fall off, huh?! Who in the right mind would want holes through their ears? I urge you not to do it.

DEVIL: Are you really going to listen to him? I mean come on the man wears a skirt!ANGEL: We've been over this. It's a robe!WENDY: You know what, I've been wanting to pierce my ears for a long time know and I think I will just get it over and done with.

ANGEL: Fine! Whatever! Don't listen to me; listen to Lord Pants-on-fire!*Angel and devil disappear.*WENDY: Okay girls, go for it!VALERIE: I knew you would see it our way.

VANESSA: Here you can borrow my earrings for now.

*Scene ends with them walking towards Wendy and Wendy screams when they pierce her ears.*SCENE 5*At Wendy's new house*WENDY: Mum, I'm home!MUM: Ah, Wednesday dear, how was school?WENDY: How many times do I have to tell you mum? Stop calling me Wednesday, my name is Wendy! I wasn't even born on a Wednesday!MUM: But Wednesday, so much of you has changed lately I only know you form your name!WENDY: Oh, what-ever!MUM: Come here and please sit down.

*Wendy sits down*WENDY: Wot?MUM: Well dear I just want to give you a general piece of advice: Be yourself! You don't need to change in this world for anyone! I can see what you're doing, what you're becoming! Please stop, while you still have some of yourself left in you.

WENDY: Mum, I know I have changed, a little but it's the only way I fit in! Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing! And plus - it's fun! Do you have to suck the fun out of everything?MUM: Just remember who you are and don't let go! And I'm not trying to "suck your fun"!WENDY: Yes you are! You're a fun sucker!*Wendy runs and stomps out of the room*SCENE 6*Back at school in the corridor*WENDY: Hey! Hey Justin!JUSTIN: Oh no it's her again.

WENDY: Hey! Wait up!JUSTIN: What now?WENDY: What? What's the matter?JUSTIN: Nothing.

WENDY: What is it? Did I do something wrong? Is it my socks? Is it my hair, I can change my hair! I'll do it, I'm sorry I'll change it!JUSTIN: No! That's exactly it! I don't know who you are anymore, you've changed so much!WENDY: But I was only doing it to fit in. I -*Everyone freezes but Wendy and the Angel and Devil appear*WENDY: Where have you guys been?! I finally really need you and you take ages!ANGEL: I'm sorry dear, I was telling the boss about*angel leans over and looks at the Devil*ANGEL: his work habits.

DEVIL: Yeah okay, I get it big mouth! So what's going on with you?WENDY: Justin hates me!ANGEL: Why would he hate you?DEVIL: Well that's obvious, and he's got a point. Hahaha!*Wendy grabs the Devil*WENDY: Help me please!*Wendy grabs the Angel*WENDY: What should I do?ANGEL: Well it's -DEVIL: Just dump him! There's plenty of fish in the sea!ANGEL: Well isn't it clear Wednesday just be true to yourself and others and you will be set free and the answer will come to you.

*Devil rolls his eyes*DEVIL: Sissy.

ANGEL: Look I haven't got time for this, I have to catch Dr.Phil. Just tell him the truth and be yourself!*Angel and Devil disappear*WENDY: Look Justin, I only did it because Vanessa and Valerie told me it was the only way to fit in, they said the only way you would notice me was if I fixed myself.

JUSTIN: Them?! You know the only reason they are even talking to you is because they are intimidated by you because you are prettier than they are! And as if they know what they're doing, I noticed you and even liked you before you even met them!WENDY: You did?JUSTIN: Yes.

WENDY: Oh geez, Justin I'm sorry, forgive me?JUSTIN: Which you?WEDNESDAY: Forgive Wednesday, the real me.

JUSTIN: Yeah fine, okay.

*Justin and Wednesday hug and they start walking slowly away*WEDNESDAY: So, do you really think I'm prettier than they are?JUSTIN: Hahaha! Yes! You have to see them without makeup!SCENE 7*At school, different corridor*WEDNESDAY: Hey Vanessa, Valerie! You can have these back!*Wednesday put the earrings in Vanessa's hands*WEDNESDAY: Oh yeah and you can have your "friendship" back with them as well!VANESSA: Wendy how could you?VALERIE: Fine then Wendy, walk away from us now and be known as a dork for the rest of your life!WEDNESDAY: Uh, it's Wednesday and I'm going to be the one walking away with my individuality and, my man!