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The youth in our society are constantly being bombarded with rules and specific intentions from adults who believe themselves to be all-knowing and wise. Their advice is laid upon the youth firmly yet in a domineering manner. My advice to you may or may not be taken into consideration due to the fact that I myself am one of those empty-headed youths.

First, why would you even think to set a curfew among the youth? The young are supposed to experience life to the fullest while they are able. How are youth supposed to lead an exciting and adventurous life if they spend nine to ten hours sleeping? As if nine hours of sleeping were not enough, we have to spend our free time doing homework and partaking in ho-hum family conversations and activities. Life goes by far too quickly to spend the hours of the day on such time-consuming things.

Once a youth becomes an adult, he /she will lead the glamorous life of bill paying and working. Surely this is something that every youth looks forward to with great anticipation.

Is there ample reason as to why youths are constantly nagged upon? Nothing a youth does is ever satisfactory for an adult. We seem to comb or style our hair the wrong way, not to mention our clothes are either too ragged or too revealing. While eating food we're looked at with great disgust as if we were camels masticating large bushels of hay. And heaven forbid a youth forgetting the golden rule of proper etiquette: One must never forget to always speak clearly and sit straight! You make it out to be as if we were the most senseless beings on earth. Everything we do or say is never up to snuff with the oh-so-wise.