Youth Delinquency

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Youth delinquency includes theft, runaways, assault, obstructing justice, disorderly conduct, trespass, ungovernable, weapons, burglary, illegal possession, drug offenses, curfew violations, criminal mischief, teen pregnancy, school drop out and more (Caliber associates) -- activities that worry almost all of us in our own or anybody's kids. We want to see fewer of these behaviors, fewer severe incidents, and fewer kids following a path that gets them into worse trouble. We realize that the law enforcement and justice system isn't the only arena where we deal youth delinquency. People start to think about education as a good way correct troubled youth. But how much do academic skills help delinquency prevention? Answer is "not much". Education may help you get a more knowledge about math, English, hard-science and social science. Maybe academic skill can help youth to earn A, get a good job after graduate, yet it seems that education only helps you about academic life to be successful, which may not help youth delinquency prevention due to the fact that students live in a variety of society because students face all kinds of compulsions and attractions socially, culturally and the facts of reality.

I Found out there are few risk factors which are directly and indirectly relevant to incapability of our traditional education.

The academic failure is non debatable truth that has a direct and indirect relationship with youth delinquency. Because not everybody success in school, some student are smart, and some may need special attentions to be successful. Once students fail, it's hard for them catch up with study. Research shows that academic failure beginning in late elementary grades, academic failure increases the risk of drug abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, and school dropout, children fail for many reasons; increase the risk of problem behaviors. (Comprehensive youth strategy for Muskegon County, Michigan...