Youth Entrepreneurship: A Viable Option for Economic Development

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Youth Entrepreneurship: A Viable Option for Economic Development

Business Education Rationale: To produce young people with the requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for the successful promotion and operation of business ventures.

Secondary School Curriculum Mona Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Lee and Powell through

Junior Achievement Ruddock Jamaica Youth Business Trust Shelly National Center for Youth Development Chrissy Young Entrepreneurship Association of Jamaica Sasha

But my parents may not have it to send me to university and everyday you hear that there are no jobs available. How can I help to myself and my country? Organizations such as Organizations such as Programs such as by modifications to the According to the


This report will seek to propose Youth Entrepreneurship as a viable option for spurring growth and development in Jamaica. The argument will be supported by researched facts on the benefits of introducing entrepreneurship to youths especially at the secondary level, and by the various organizations that assist young entrepreneurs.


Economic growth refers to an increase in the real output of goods and services in a country. Growth relates to a gradual increase in one of the components of Gross Domestic Product: consumption, government spending, investment, net exports while is an increase in living standards, improvement in self-esteem needs...