Youth in Modern Organized Sports Have Shown to Provide Increased Health and Benefits to Children over the Last Decade

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Through the last decade, many children in the United States have been given the privilege of being able to play youth sports of some type. Unfortunately, not all at a young age feel the will to participate in order to stay fit or have fun, and so miss out on an opportunity that fades away with age. When children neglect playing on an organized athletic sport or participating in an athletic activity they are neglecting themselves. Organized Competitive sports, such as peewee basketball and junior wrestling have shown to increase the improvement of health for a number of reasons. Playing a youth sport also produces a number of other benefits along with increased health.

Increased Health in youth has been shown to be rising through the participation of sports and physical activity because of facilities that organize sports, money given to youth sports, proper training that is taught in youth sports, and improvement in education through youth sports.

A major cause to the increase of health in youth sports can be attributed to the number of organizations that promote the activeness and wellness of youth through team sports. One of the biggest organizations today is YMCA. Today there are 2,540 YMCA facilities in operation that serve over 18 million young people of all ages in 10,000 communities across the United States. These institutions provide many sports to young people to participate in such as flag football, basketball, and swimming. The National Centers for Disease Control state that over 19 million, or 15%, of America's young people are overweight. The young people who are enrolled in programs, such as the YMCA, are less likely to become obese. Obesity for young people alone cost the nation 117 million dollars in medical bills in the year 2000. Facilities are giving improvement to young...