Youth & Old Age

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Ivan Arguello

Professor T. Ware

English 1301

DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" November 4, 2014

Live Long Enough

A beginning always has to have a finish and surely does life. We all know that age considers; youth ventures. There's always a constant battle between the elderly and the youth. It's like a never ending battle with similarities, yet have differences of their own as well. Since the day we are born brought upon this world changes start to happen. In between birth and death the body is the most noticeable change we see. Unfortunately, sometimes we as human beings get called upon by God to leave Earth early and die. It's just a normal course of living and there is no way around it unless we were some type of immortal god.

The differences between the youth and the elderly are usually obvious. Physical attributes on the younger man tend to be at a higher rate, rather than the old age.

The body is full of energy and think that they can do anything that requires physical demand. With being young physical attraction tends to be at its highest peak women and men. Young people are full of hope to prosper a wonderful life of their own. It's a born trait women as to men attract one another to form a family of their own. Enjoying life to the fullest young people will do all sorts of things to make their life in a state of happiness. They are young and are just focused on the moment rather then the future and don not think ahead like the elderly.


As the years fly away, the energy and physical exertion becomes a lower factor. This is the case for most old age people. The skin begins to wrinkle, age...