Youth Revolution of 1950's: 'By the late 1950s, The Youth of the United States had been transformed' to what extend is this true?

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Teenagers of the 1950s were overwhelmed with the abundance of wealth and freedom that their parents bestowed upon them to compensate for their hardship during war time. Change enveloped the lives of teenagers and they became a new and distinctive figure in society. They became the face of rebellion in the United States and started making their way through life with independent ideas leaving behind their footprint in history. Entertainment felt the full force of this change and transformed to accommodate the modern ways of teenagers. The way they interacted with the opposite sex, their peers, friends and the way they dressed and consumed all changed significantly.

By the late 1950s a huge transformation had taken place in the lives of teens, affecting their pastimes and hobbies. The 1950s saw teenagers breaking family ties to spend time with friends. Entertainment for teenagers took a new turn, youth dared to push their boundaries.

Boys and girls began to socialise more; another driving aspect that affected rebellious behaviours. Teens strived to impress their peers, in particular the opposite sex with their reckless attitudes. In Rebel Without a Cause we saw teenagers racing stolen cars over a cliff side and drinking and smoking. Wild One showed similar kinds of destructive behaviours such as vandalism and bullying. These forms of youth entertainment greatly differed from pre-1950s. Teenagers before 1950 could be accurately described as young adults. Leave it to Beaver and Love Connections gave examples of teenagers enjoying themselves in a very formal and innocent manner. Love Connections showed a group of teenagers volunteering to help out at a local fate. Ideas for entertainment raised in Love Connections included weenie roasts, going to sport games and catching up for a milkshake at a nearby café. Leave it to Beaver gave similar examples of innocent...