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There is a lot of indiscipline in the youth of today resulting in violence, drug culture and crimes. If you were asked to give three suggestions for improving this situation, what would these be? The youth of today are out of control; they follow the wrong crowd just for popularity. The youth that are the most out of control are the individuals living in poverty. The majority of these individual rob and kill people. Because they feel they don't have anything and when you don't have anything there is nothing to loose. Improving the problems the youth have today should be done by guiding them, providing activities for them, and teaching them.

The youth of today have little or no guidance. Providing them with mentors could change this. Sometime the youth don't listen to their parents, because their parents don't listen to them. Many parents live by "what I say goes," they don't ever try to listen to their children.

Putting a mentor in a teenager's life gives them someone to listen to him or her while sharing with them past experience and giving them good advice. Building recreation centers and more places for teenagers to "hangout" gives them a place to go other than the streets. Finally parents should spend quality time with their children instead of making them a last priority. Parents could teach them to behave better and become better people.

Youth improvement is no easy task, but can be accomplished. If parents, mentors, and the youth themselves invest enough time and love in problems faced. Teens today can grow to be responsible adults of tomorrow.