Youth Violence Today

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My English 9 Essay Shylo Hoffman On Youth Violence May 18, 2000 "Oh no, he has got a gun!"� "I am going to kill you!"� "Please, please don't hurt me!"� These horrifying phrases are becoming more and more frequently heard. Violence has become a big part of the society everyone lives in today. With people getting dangerously violent it brings up the question of where does all this violence come from? When people try to find the answer to this question, it is soon realized that most of the violence comes from the youth. Today's youth violence is supported by their lifestyles, environment, and the acceptability of violence amongst youth.

Some of the lifestyles youth decide to have support and encourage violence. Many of the video games out there are sadistic, mutilated, killing sprees. Youth can sometimes get so wound up in the games that they start to live them.

Games start to change their thought patterns and turn the teens into violent people. The type of friends that youth hang around with has major effects on their simple every day lifestyles. Many things that happen while with friends begin to grow on certain youth. Television has got to be one of the largest and worst things to desensitize youth. When something is seen a lot on television, it becomes common and people begin to think that it is okay. Well it is definitely not okay. Drugs can also affect the way teens think and act. There has been a lot of youth who get lost in violence because of pathetic drugs. The peer pressure to fight someone maybe so intense that adolescences will begin to fight more often just because they think it is okay. Due to the lifestyles that youth pick they lead themselves into violence, which sometimes...