Yowie (big foot) unknown creatures by most of the people in the world

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There are at least two known kinds of Yowie in Australia that we can be reasonably certain about. There are the large Yowie that is normally between 6-10ft and the smaller,

yet fully-grown variety that is roughly 4-5ft. These different species/Genus are found in nearly every Country around the World.

In Australia, there are almost 10,000 'reported' sightings of our ape-man like creature that is said to walk our forests. Could you imagine how may reports or sightings that still remain 'un-reported'?

The sightings of the "Hairy Man" are not always a 'one off' glimpse, but are sometimes witnessed up to 30 people at the same time over prolonged periods. Could this be mass hysteria?

Not likely. There is more evidence to suggest that the Yowie does exist, than not.

Upon the white man, when they first settled in this Country in the late 1700's, the native Aborigines told them in great detail about an ape-man like beast that lived in the forests.

At first the settler's thought this was just a tale to scare them away, because such animals were unknown in England and most people had not even heard of such things. However it wasn't long before they found out the stories from these people were more than true.

The first sighting of Yowie in Australia.

In 1790, the first official reported sighting of the creature by a white man was released in the local Newspapers in a small country town we now know as Sydney. During the 1800's, numerous reports followed through out NSW and also the rest of the country. Newspapers and magazines began writing about people's encounters as they were reported. In most of these reports, the creature was

always described as "an ape" or "ape-like man." The same descriptions given today.

The earliest known Southern sighting to A.Y.R was reported in 1849 on Phillip Island, Victoria. It states that several people had observed a creature, which was 6-7ft tall that resembled a half Baboon - half man. At the time of the sighting,the creature was said to be sitting on the edge of a lake when they shot at it.

In Western Australia in the mid to late 1800's, 3 white men on expedition told of their strange encounter with a creature, which resembled a monkey. April 1871, a man named George Osbourne saw a "Gorilla type" creature amble down a tree and scared

his horse. He said it was around 5 ft tall with black hair and was well developed.

there are many types of yowie such as Noocoonah", "Doolagahl", "Gooligah", "Quinken", "Thoolagal", "Yaroma", "Yahoo", "Jingera", "Jimbra", "Tjandara" and many more.

The largest populations of the Yowie would be on the Southeast seaboard of Australia in remote mountainous ranges,

although every state in Australia has its share of sightings. Sightings today are being reported more frequently as ever before, however after thousands of Australians sighting the Yowie through the years,

As time goes on and more people build deeper in the woods so there will be more sightings then usaual.

Again we must look back through history. We have to keep in mind that it is often the case that when a species is declared extinct, it pops its head up years later leaving a little bit of egg on the face of science and sceptics.History has proved many times that extinct certainly DOES NOT mean "extinct", most often simply means "not shot lately!"