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The roles of government:

· Providing law and order

· Controlling economic problems

· Providing goods and services

· Protecting the environment

· Protecting individuals

Types of Government

Democracy is where we elect people to govern a society, its is a lot fairer and lets everyone have a say

A dictatorship system of government in which one person or a small group of people have absolute control.

Autocracy is rule by a person with virtually unlimited authority.

Why do we have governments

The government is in place so people are protected, they put measures in so people don't get unfairly treated these include laws, welfares, security

· It is important that the government controls these aspects so the economy doesn't go into depression

· It is important that the government provides these services as private firms cannot raise enough revenue to build such things as hospitals and schools

What is a monopoly, what does the government do

A monopoly is a control over an aspect of living; the government regulates them so businesses are not unfairly disadvantaged.

Australia as a government

Our First governor was Arthur Phillip who was appointed by the British Government.

He had such powers to administer the law, maintain armed forces and control the money flow.

· The People became demanding and wanted to share the government more

· The government was slowly turning into a democracy

· As more people where included the tyranny was taken away

· Australia received self government from Britain on the 1st of January 1901

· A constitution was drawn up

What is the Constitution

A constitution is a body of rules and laws in which a country is governed under, it helps to keep the country in working order and fair on the community it...