The Yuan Dynasty

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The Yuan Dynasty was named by a guy named Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan named his dynasty this Chinese name because he could not resist powerful Chinese influences. However in the end he did name his dynasty the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai khan also left Confucian officials in lower-level jobs. While the reign of Kublai Khan, a guy named Marco Polo visited china. For a long time Marco Polo worked as an official of the Mongol rulers. Marco Polo use to tell stories about Chinese wealth and practices, which Europeans found hard to believe. For example Marco Polo would tell them that the efficient transportation system the Mongols had set up to unite their empire. In which relay riders allowed messengers to carry news all across china. While on the roads there would be flowed trade goods and technical information. In which useful knowledge moved west. Such as the Chinese invention of the magnetic compass, sternpost rudder, mechanical clock, gun powder, and printing.

Marco Polo described the Mongol rule to the highest. As the Yuan Dynasty faded, Chinese resentment against foreign rule led revolts. After awhile the Chinese finally found a leader in a poor peasant. His name was Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang then drove the Mongols from South China and also 1368 he captured Beijing. After that the peasant general then claimed the Mandate of Heaven.