The A To Z Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers

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The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers The book The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers is non-fiction a book by Harold Schechter and David Everitt. It had stories and information about serial killers from the sixteenth century all the way up to just 2 years ago. The authors did a great job explaining how psychologist's believe normal people can become savage people called serial killers. A serial killer is a person that purposely murders a multiple of people and as the authors describe, there have been hundreds of these men and woman throughout the years and throughout the world.

Within the book, there are factual stories about each known serial killer. Each story gives information about the serial killers name, his nickname, when and where the killings took place, who they did it to, over what period of time it took for the multiple murders to happen, and to what extent each murderer went to with all of his victims.

Within the book, Ed Gein, the most talked about serial in the book was in over fifty percent of the different categories. His story was told, why he did it, what people thought about what he had done (there was a fan club created for him), and how he changed the future with his actions. His horrific story inspired numerous horror movies to be made throughout the years.

Being as the book has information ranging from disposal of bodies by alligators to different magazines made for, by and about the serial killers is a very good way to fit in the hundreds of different subjects talked about in the book. It gave every bit of information that is desired to know about serial killers just in a three hundred and fifty-two page, paper back book. The pictures...