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In this view of the future, after a atomic war, Ann Burden finds herself alone, and thinks she is the only one left in the world. Her family left her soon after the war to see what happened, but never returned to the valley Ann now lives in. "'I was pretty sure I was the only person left in the world'". She thought this until a man came to the valley, Mr Loomis. At first she was afraid, but had no choice but to confront him because he was sick. Throughout the book, their relationship develops in that she cares for him but as he gets better, he becomes insanely jealous of her.

This novel is about survival of the fittest. Ann has survived, and so has Mr Loomis, but they both have different characteristics and ideas. Although Ann has thought about the food situation, she knows its going to run out eventually.

Mr Loomis is able to plan ahead.

This story is told in the form of Ann's diary. She records her feelings and everything that has happened in it. The writer develops the characters through the events in the book. For example, as Ann has to care for Mr Loomis, we see that she is becoming a stronger person.

I liked this novel, because it was told from Ann's point of view. I got to know and like this character and understand what she was going through. I also found it interesting how the composer ends the story, as it is unexpected by the responder.