The Zebra And His Stripes

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Once in Africa there was an albino horse named Whitewater. The only thing Whitewater ate was black licorice. All the other horses thought he was strange, and only ate hay, as normal horses usually do.

His mother also found it quite strange, and tried to get him to eat hay. She was tired of seeing him come to the den with black licorice between his teeth. Not to mention the bad breath the licorice left him with. No matter what she did, Whitewater held on to his black licorice.

One day when the clouds were still pink from the sunrise, Whitewater woke up and slowly trotted out to the meadow, with his licorice, of course. He mostly brought it with him everywhere he went. He smelled the wild flowers and galloped with his fellow horses for hours. Forgetting all about his strips of licorice, he dropped it and ran off to join the other horses.

Eventually the horses left. It was tremendously hot that day, and Whitewater began to fell quite sleepy from all of his running around. He went back to the hillside where he had left his long strips of licorice lying in the sun. Not noticing this he fell asleep on top of them.

When Whitewater woke up he realized he had fallen asleep on his long strips of licorice and saw that it had melted all over him and given him black strips. He raced back to his den and showed his mother his strips. She was delighted, and did not mind him eating his black licorice anymore.

Whitewater thought that since he was no longer white, he should no longer be called Whitewater, the albino horse. But he couldn't think of a good new name for himself. Then he remembered two horses he had once met. One, a white horse was named Zebi, and the other, a black horse, was named Rami. So he combined the two names and came up with Zebra. TIPS FOR WRITING REPORT YOUR This is a esay for how a zebra gets his stripes