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Warning to you Link fans, he gets a little...angry in this one.


"...I'm counting on you." The Zora's body faded with his pain, leaving only the strange, fishbone guitar.

There. Those vile words again. Nevertheless, a small pudgy hand reached out and chipped solemnly away.

Link started to awaken, sitting up in surprise. Upset, he pushed sweaty blond bangs from his eyes and rubbed his palms together, trying to erase the feel of clammy bone. Those words. Damn those words. A hero to boot, those words were often his death sentence; his exile from the norm. His aura had finally figured that out.

No one every thought about the hero, except what was on the outside -- "Link the Hero"; savior of Hyrule too many times, and a dozen other worlds, rebirthed to fulfill a circular destiny, and always, always, found by that dratted Zelda.

Knowing that he would get no further sleep, he dressed and pulled on his boots, automatically flattening his hat atop his head.

His current fairy partner whizzed out, tinkling angrily at him.

"You almost squashed me! Be more careful!" She buzzed, colored an angry red. Link wanted to squish her. If anything, this one was more obnoxious than that cursed Minnish Cap, and even snider than Tatl! He heaved a gust, left a puddle of rupees on the desk for the Innkeeper, and stole silently out the door.

Lady Zelda, reincarnated as something less than a princess and for the first time EVER seemed to be asking for his help. This time, something was wrong with the western hills, and she needed him to be sure that the people there were all right. Undoubtedly, this would lead to a disrupted temple, healing an unhappy spirit, heroism, and ultimately his own spiritual demise.

Never, never did the hero hang around and be available for the exaggerated tales and ballads. More often than not, he went to find someplace quiet to live. That is to say, until he died and this whole mess started all over again.

His partner, named Kei, answered for him. "Of course, my lady." Blithely, he began to wonder if people thought he was mute. Grabbing Kei by the wings, he stuffed her in his hat and used (drumroll) his voice.

"This time, perhaps, the solution will be simple." He took the current holy sword from a nearby servant, and stomped out the door, leaving Zelda with eyes the size of chaser plates, and close to fainting to the floor.


"What?" She was equally surprised to find him standing up for himself.

"Do you want to learn what it's like to fly like an arrow?" He asked casually.

"Not really..."

"Then don't answer for me again."

Kei stopped, startled. This couldn't possibly be the Link from the stories, could it? He had always seemed so perfect, so heroic. Right now, he was acting more like a barbarian. He settled his cap, borrowed Epona, and headed off towards the western hills, Kei followed out of reach, just in case.