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Comprehensive Analysis

The following represents a comprehensive analysis from Zen Corporation. Our team will provide an explanation on our company and product, the area in which we wish to market our product, and an analysis on the area we chose collectively as a group. We feel that we are able to better service the country of Nigeria with our drinking water filtration system in an effort to help make people's lives a little easier.

Description of our organization

Zen Corporation's organization structure is established using a flat management style and an open door policy. The stakeholders of Zen are encouraged to provide feedback through open communications and embracing diversity coupled with new ideas. Our staff is constructed of one CEO, senior staff level management, sales staff, engineering, and productions employees'. The corporate managers have decided to market our products in Africa, focusing first in the country of Nigeria. Our initial means of entering into the target market of Nigeria will be handled through an export management company.

This decision is based on a risk assessment in which the sales of our filtration products will be sold using an experienced sales staff located within designated regions and though a sales director who is familiar with dealing in the targeted market.

Product/Services "Needs Assessment" of the new host country

The need for water filtration systems within the cities, towns, and villages of Nigeria is critical. With a high degree of risk of infections and death from waterborne diseases, business opportunities for the Zen Corporation to market products within Nigeria are favorable (CIA, 2006).

Description of product/service to meet the need

The filtration systems that Zen manufactures provide clean drinking water at an economical price and may be quickly installed into any city or towns water supply system. Our filtration system is self...