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Asia Igafo

Mrs. Yango-au

Expos 2

September 21, 14

The Zimmerman Trial

In recent discussions of the Trayvon Martin killing, a controversial issue has been whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not guilty for killing Trayvon Martin. February 26, 2012 was a dark and rainy night. A 17 year old, Trayvon Martin, was walking home from a nearby 7/11 when George Zimmerman, who was part of the neighborhood watch, noticed Martin's suspicious behavior. Zimmerman was not on duty that night but still was wearing his gun. Zimmerman called 911 non-emergency line and described Martin as a "suspicious guy who was black." When 911 dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin he replied with "Yeah" and the dispatcher then said "OK, we don't need you to do that." Minutes later, Martin approached Zimmerman and attacked him. Zimmerman then shot and killed Martin (Greg Botelho).

I think Zimmerman should be found guilty, because he did not follow directions, treated Martin unfairly because of race, and there was no evidence of a long struggle.

From George Zimmerman's perspective, he considered himself the victim because Martin attacked him. Martin punched Zimmerman in his nose, grabbed his head and repeatedly hit it against the sidewalk and also tried to grab Zimmerman's gun (Interactive Map: The Trayvon Martin killing). There are pictures from the Sanford Police Department that show Zimmerman with a swollen face and blood on his head, nose and lips. Being apart of his neighborhood watch, he is always on the lookout for suspicious behavior and according to Zimmerman, Martin was suspicious because "he was just standing in the dark while it was raining." Zimmerman was following Martin but lost him at one point. When Zimmerman saw Martin again, he was coming back and circled...