Zodiac Killer

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An anonymous letter was sent to the police a day after a murder was committed in a dark alley. The police found a body and determined it had been strangled, stabbed and beaten before they finally passed away. This would be just the first of many victims that would lose their life because of the Zodiac Killer.

Nobody knew who the Zodiac Killer was or when he would strike again. That was until David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen were found brutally murdered in their red '59 Ford pickup. Faraday was found shot next to the vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head that proved to be fatal. He was thought to have died on impact from the bullet.

Betty Lou was found 30ft away from the vehicle. She had been shot five times in the back. The police thought by the tight area of bullets in her back he was a an excellent Marksmen or he had shot her once wounding her and shot her four more times at close range.

The police believed this was definitely the work of a cold blooded killer.

The Zodiac Killer had been sending letters to the Police Chief and Editor of the news papers telling them about his murders and what he was going to do next. He told them the reason why he killed the people was because he needed slaves in the after life.

He believed all the people he killed while he was alive would be his slaves. He wrote "This is the Zodiac speaking. Being that you will not wear some nice "˜Zodiac' buttons, how about wearing some nasty "˜Zodiac' buttons. If you do not wear any type of "˜Zodiac' buttons I shall (on top of everything else) torture all thirteen of my slaves that I have...