zodiac v. vampires

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Zodiac vs. Vampires

People are always looking forward to a great romance movie filled with love and passion. Although, there are many different ways to distinguish two romance films with their unique plots and story lines. Taking the story line and plot from two diverse, yet strangely similar movies offer a suspenseful thrill of wanting to see both. The two films Fruits Basket and Twilight are great examples of being similar for their struggle to keep friends while fighting off their enemies and falling in love; leading to cause the ultimate love triangle. The difference separating the two is what truly changes them into the character they truly are.

Fruits Basket and Twilight both have students going to new schools and making new friends really shows how you have to outdo yourself to be someone acceptable. Each film has a group of kids that stumble upon each other who turn out to be lifelong friends.

They show support for each other and their wants and needs throughout the film. This leads to keeping hidden secrets of rage and sudden outburst of fighting. Each group of vampires and zodiac has their tempers and people that they cannot upset. "Anyway, you don't irritate the Volturi, not unless you want to die - or whatever it is we do," (Cullen Pg. 20). He simply states that them as vampires, no matter what they turn into, cannot trigger the Volturi to be upset, because it will cause them to unleash a fight amongst their family. It might end up getting their close friends involved if they are not careful. In Fruits Basket, fighting others is not as popular as fighting your siblings and family to become stronger. The characters of Fruits Basket have little tendencies to strike up a quarrel to just...