Zombies and cannibals.

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How Ironic

How long has it been? Weeks? Months? Years? I no longer know. The days have blended together into one, punctuated only by barely noticed sunrises and sunsets. Once I had dreams of marrying and starting a family but those are now all ashes. The struggle to survive, to simply exist, is all that concerns me now. Until recently, I haven't seen another human since the first dark days when this nightmare began. I remember it as if it happened just yesterday.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud scream. Startled, I simply laid there, staring at the dark shadows, which seemed to writhe with horrifying life. At first I thought it was only a dream. I have never been so wrong in my life. Another blood curdling shriek shattered the tense silence. I scrambled from my warm bed to the window. The sight, which greeted my eyes, I had only seen in horror movies.

Surely this could not be real. Perhaps it was only children playing a horrible prank. But the sickening crunch of bones told me how wrong that supposition was.

There, on the street, highlighted by the yellowish glow of a halogen light, was a woman being torn to shreds by zombies. Zombies of all things! The five lurching, decaying creatures were ripping at her flesh, devouring her as I watched. I was paralyzed with fear. This kind of terror cannot be described. It can only be experienced.

Finally, I forced myself to turn away. Surely I was next. Panicked and determined to live, I dressed quickly in a t-shirt, sweat pants and running shoes before I snuck downstairs. I peered out of every window I passed. The zombies were still feasting on their hideous meal. When I got to the...