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Dry Cleaning is a highly fragmented industry with relatively low capital requirements and the levels of operation skills needed to run the start-up and that is why traditionally Dry cleaning has been family owned / operated business. There are five essential components for success in the dry cleaning industry, which are quality assurance; equipment; service; pricing structure and customer base. Quality has to reach customer satisfaction. For the dry cleaning industry, quality refers to get the clothes clean upon requested amount of time. However, the quality of dry cleaning is directly affected by the quality of machine. Having a set of highly efficient equipment is the base to reach the expected quality. The service, on the other hand, requires the staffs to have good interpersonal skills to build high-contact skills with customers, because it is an industry which has close interaction with customers. Customers are more willing to go to a dry cleaning store which not only clean their cloth efficiently but also have friendly staffs.

Moreover, it is possible that lots of dry cleaning stores have the identical equipment; in that case, it is necessary to use the right price strategy that would lead to low profit margin with high volume sales. Stores which can provide high quality service with lowest price will win market share in this industry.

Operating in the traditional manner of all dry cleaning business, ZOOTS has been able to gather more market share by adapting new strategies to the old. ZOOTS dry cleaners introduced an internet base data system which allowed customers the ease of self access to their dry cleaned needs after regular store hours. ZOOTS continued to make their establishment more accessible for their clients by offering a 24 hour locker service for self pick up and drop off at customers'...