Zulu Dawn.

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How accurate the movie Zulu Dawn compared to what truely happened in this African republic.

Zulu Dawn captures the emotions of the battle of Isandhlwana from the British point of view in an accurate matter. In the film it shows how the British troops had more advanced weapons and better technology, but where outnumbered in such a way that their military prowess didn't allow them to ward off the peoples of the Zulu Nation. The accuracy of the film is by its correct setting and the plot, which falls in line with the history of the battle.

The setting of the film is true to form since all of the shots were set where the actual battle took place. The setting correctly showed how the peoples of the Zulu nation came from the higher elevation planes to the lower planes and then attacked the British fort. The land is generally flat covered with wheat like off green grass with large hills (small mountains) in the background.

Since the topography of the land was true to the battle sight it shows that the film was accurate. (www.rorkesdriftvc.com)

The other and perhaps more important reason that Zulu Dawn was a historically accurate film was because the plot fell in line with the battle on the whole. Firstly the battle took place January 22nd (my birthday) 1879. Also, it is true that the forces of the British army were separated by the orders of Chelmsford and that Colonel Pullenine decision to spread the infantry over a wide area. If these were the reasons it lead to the lose of the battle is contested but it is fact that this occurred. A very important point that the film portrays accurately is how vastly outnumbered the British were compared to the Zulu's at a ratio...