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Savages belong to groups of uncivilized, anti-social "beasts." Once the boys on the island split, two separate groups are born: anarchists and a civilization. Jack leads the group known as the savages. Throughout the story he shows his true self as a relentless beast. He shows just how dirty and horrible life can be without good structure and form. Jack and his followers turn to murderous acts of rage and violence to prove their power on the island.

With these groups being on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, it is not uncommon for many conflicts to occur between them. Throughout this book it is said to be a non-stop battle between good and bad, anarchy versus discipline. Without civilized people, anarchy will rule, and that is exactly what begins to happen in Lord of the Flies. Jack and his followers begin to overpower and slap down the civilized group by showing their vicious nature.

Both food and lives are taken by the savages in order for them to prosper. This all came to the cost of Ralph and the civilized youngsters. Slowly the civilized group grew smaller by the constant onslaughts of the anarchist group. Jack's savage clan blatantly murders Simon and Piggy without any form of hesitation. With these battles, anarchy proves to slowly disintegrate the whole unity that is civilization.