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The chemistry of shampoo.

... surfactants. The major types of surfactants are anionic, cationic, nonionic, and amphoteric. Surfactants ...

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Biochemical processes and strutural attributes of the human respiratory system

... series of events occurs in less than a second, with every beat of the heart. Extrinsic control Two major types of nerves ... the surface tension of the alveoli (from surfactant); the intercostals and diaphragm relax, and the forces of recoil restore the ...

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Soaps and Detergents By: Nicole Renzi Chemistry 102 Laboratory Section 24, Project 17 final lab report Instructor: Fan Yang February 27th 2012

... of glycerin. There are many types of triglycerides; each type consists of its own particular combination of fatty acids. They are weak acids composed of ...

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... sink because of the lack of surfactants. When combined with "Cold Power Surf" the fabric took the least amount of time to sink. ... pH level s of detergents. Do detergent's really remove stains? Stains can be broadly categorized into 4 different types: Water- ...

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How enzymes work in the detergent industry

... free amino acids. As a result of the combined effect of surfactants and enzymes, stubborn stains can be ... types of dirt but the cost of heating the water is high and lengthy mixing or beating will shorten the life of clothing and other materials. The use of ...

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Microbial Proteases

... of enzyme needed depends on the type of leather (soft or hard) to be produced. Increased usage of ...

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Green Detergents And Planaria

... of green (environmentally safe) versus regular detergents may be a deciding factor in the survival rate of the planaria. Planaria There are several types of ...

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... of solution used, house hold products used, types of indicators used DEPENDENT VARIABLES: Color of ...

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Margarine and chemistry

... types of margarine: Firstly, the hard, uncoloured margarine for cooking or baking, which contains a high proportion of ... surfactant which has a long hydrocarbon tail that is soluble in the oily phase and a charged group that is soluble in water. Droplets of ...

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Soap and detergent.

... types of detergent: soaps, which are manufactured from animal fats or vegetable oils; and soap less (synthetic) detergents, which are petrochemicals. The production of ...

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