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This is an essay that compares modern and old nationalist movements. It also briefly describes the meaning of Nationalism.

Examples of nationalism are the French Revolution, World War I, and World War II.The Revolution of 1848 was a nationalistic movement that had an impact on modern history. This movement marked the per ... on modern history. This movement marked the period where people became conscious of many things. In 1848, both Italy and Germany originated their movements for unifying and forming nation states. Alth ...

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Were the Revolution in the European countries in 1848 Important?

-- IntroductionMany European countries revolted in 1848, because people desired for political changes. Either independence of their country or freedom ... ism or liberalism became focused. The desire of nationalism or liberalism caused the revolutions in 1848.-- Why were there so many revolutions?Many revolutions occurred in European countries in 1848. ... some places, the outcome was also the rise of liberalism.Natural and Economic Disasters caused the 1848 February revolution in Paris, France. King Philippe struggled, because of unemployment and low ...

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Why did the revolutions of 1848 achieve so little in Germany?

historians call the Frankfurt Parliament. The Frankfurt parliaments first meeting was in the May of 1848. It consisted of 596 members one for every 50,000 people in the German states. The way the Fran ... people needed strong leadership like that of Hitler or Fredrick Barbarossa. That is why I think the 1848 revolution achieved so little; it was the mentality of the Germanic people that failed the liberals.

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"Nationalism was probably the most important cause of unification". Discuss with reference to Germany.

to do something for their country, and this caused the beginnings of the unifying the Germans. The 1848 revolutions, although a serious blow to the German nationalism, they laid the idea of a united ... of a state. Should nationalism have been the most important factor to the cause of unification, the 1848 revolution would have been strong enough to be able to unite Germany. The fact that the 1848 re ...

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Analyse and evaluate the social and economic causes of 2 of the 1848 revolutions.

It could be said that the reasons for the 1848 revolutions was the aspects of failure of the 1830 revolutions, also the fact that most Europea ... pposite of what The revolutionaries stood for, liberalism and nationalism. The common causes of the 1848 revolutions were economical problems such as food shortages, financial crisis, unemployment, hi ...

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1848 Revolutions Study Guide is a documents containing 7 pages of detailed, bibliographed information separated into categories.

IB History 1848 Revolutions Study Guide Main Themes (John R. Barber) France * In the 1840's the rapidly crum ... XVIII in 1830 the people started attacking the monarchy. Such protests and demonstrations peaked in 1848 as the most popular revolutions in Europe have started. * A gathering of French people who wer ... hering of French people who were to voice their discontent was supposed to be held on February 23rd 1848. However, Guizot was sure of the national guard keeping the king safe cancelled the meeting. Th ...

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Springtime of the Peoples 1848 - describe

Essay--Revolutions of 1848The Revolutions of 1848 were a series of political and economic revolts that took place in Europ ... otic society that advocated and was ready to fight for the unification of Italy if necessary.(7) In 1848, revolts broke out in several Italian states. These revolts forced the leaders to establish the ... trian army. Charles tried to drive the Austrians out of north Italy, but was defeated at Custoza in 1848 and Novara in 1849 and was abdicated.(8) Revolutions elsewhere were suppressed, including one i ...

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"He believed in the inevitable unification of Germany." How far is it possible to agree with this assessment of Bismarck's vision of German Unification?

After the 1848 revolutions, intellectuals met at the Frankfurt Parliament however they were unsuccessful in ac ... e the two Duchies into Denmark. The Germans fiercely opposed and there was fighting on and off from 1848 until 1852. Those who opposed demanded independence of the Duchies under the leadership of Fred ...

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