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Internet Growth.

. Looking through the research that I did shows that from 1995 to 2001 the number of host went from 5M to almost 120M. (see chart)The Internet began working as a resource for companies, with only 4 ho ...

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Intel Bio.

alist (people who lend money to start up new companies) Arthur Rock who within two days arranged $2.5m to start a new company they were to call Intel. Bob Noyce typed himself a one page idea of what h ...

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The effects of the bombing on nagasaki

11:02 A.M. on august 9th 1945 by a B29 bomber from the pacific island tininian. It was just under 3.5m in length and weighed nearly 9,000 Lbs. The original target of the plane was the city of Kitakyus ...

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Coursework - Osmosis

my investigation round. I used 3 chips in 3 boiling tubes, each containing 20cm3 of: 0M sucrose, 0.5M sucrose and 1M sucrose.Moles of Sucrose /M Original Mass /g Mass after 3 hours /g ... ss /g Mass after 3 hours /g Up/Down in mass0M 8.02 9.94 Up0.5M 8.18 7.83 Down1M 8.83 7.20 DownAs you can see fro ...

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Rates Of reaction- The reaction between limestone and hydrochloric acid

other experiment, to see what concentration of acid we will have to use. We done this using 0.1M, 0.5M and 1M of Hydrochloric acid, and 0.1g of powdered limestone, we used powdered limestone, as it wo ... e it wouldn't be fair as no cube will be exactly the same size. In conclusion to this experiment, 0.5M of acid was the best to use as it had the best measurable reaction time.EquipmentThe equipment we ...

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Letter requesting help from God-fearing people

spital here in Abidjan.He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of usd $6.5m (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand U.s), deposited in a suspence account in one of the prime bank ...

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Sample of designing your own Fitness Circuit aimed at Basketball

cription:-Split into two teams with 2-4 on each side.-Teams are lined up with the distance of about 5m from the hoop.-Each pair competes in shooting for the first goal.Components of fitness:-Speed-Ski ...

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Conceptualizing a Business

able, interesting, and convenient.7.Measurable - Launch within ten months and to achieve sales of 2.5m in one year.8.Achievable- This has already test market in a higher education field where the resp ...

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Report on the Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction

nesium ribbon, each 1 inch in length.2)Mix 2.5 ml of 1M HCl with an equal volume of water to form 0.5M HCl.3)Mix 2.5 ml of 1M HCl with an equal volume of 2M HCl to form 1.5M HCl.4)Pour the 5 ml of 0.5 ... bon.5)Record the time taken for the entire ribbon to dissolve.6)Repeat the procedure with the 1M, 1.5M and 2M HCl.•Observations:No.Concentration of HCl (M)Time Taken (s)Speed=1/time (s-1)10.53123 ...

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The Mystery of Stonehenge

lace at Stonehenge in an outer circle; they were all connected by stone lintels. The diameter is 30.5m’ and its height is 5.5m’. An alter stone; which weighs 6 tons was positioned in the middle. The ...

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