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The Crucible

ion in Salem is purity in the lives of the people. Reverend Parris for example, questions his niece Abigail's purity by saying; "Your name in the town-it is entirely white, is it not?" (Act 1, Page 12 ... he town-it is entirely white, is it not?" (Act 1, Page 12). She argues that her name is not soiled. Abigail is again questioned by Parris of her purity. "Abigail, is there any other cause than you hav ...

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The Witchcraft Hysteria in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

Salem were responsible for the witchhysteria.The person with the most influence was the character, Abigail.Abigail had an affair with a man by the name of John Proctor. Proctor brokecontact with Abig ... John Proctor. Proctor brokecontact with Abigail and spent time and interest in his wife, Elizabeth.Abigail gets jealous because of this and Abigail, a few other girls, and aservant from the Caribbean ...

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"The crucible, by Miller" - 900 wd essay of who initiated the tragedy in Salem?

Although Abigail and the girls initiate the tragedy, responsibility lies with the whole Salem community.Discu ... initiate the tragedy, responsibility lies with the whole Salem community.Discuss.I do believe that Abigail and the girls initiated the tragedy, what with all their talk about spirits and the conjuran ... he community and causing people to turn against each other and all principles they once believed in.Abigail and the girls deny everything. Part od their denial is accusation. By shifting the blame ont ...

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Individual's Achievement's of self Knowledge. Refers to As Rev., character in Arthut Miller's "Crucible"

rrives in Salem, he is very objective about the wholesituation of witchery. He questions Tituba and Abigail about all the events that occurred inthe forest such as the girls' dancing and the frog in t ... hn Proctor is an honest man when he would willinglyruin his own reputation in the hopes of exposing Abigail as a whore. He absolutely cannotbelieve that the court won't accept his testimony as the tru ...

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The Crucible a terrror of witchery

st to blame for the witch hysteria and the subsequent death of innocent people are Reverend Parris, Abigail, and Danforth. Each of these people, in some way caused harm to blameless people, and I will ... 92.Reverend Parris was most responsible for the Salem Witch hysteria. Reverend Parris was spying on Abigail when he saw the girls dancing in the forest in the middle of the night. He told Abigail that ...

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The Transformation of John Proctor

r example, in Act II Elizabeth urges him to approach the court and tell Ezekial Cheever what he and Abigail talked about outside her uncle's house. Instead of agreeing to her request, John allows hims ... in jail, being hung, and being buried. However, had he willingly gone forward and told Cheever that Abigail said that their dancing in the woods had nothing to do with witchcraft, he could have possib ...

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A basic drama essay on The Crucible

Year 10 Drama The CrucibleI have selected Abigail as the character who I would play. Abigail is a seventeen year old who has been caught attem ... er doing witch craft in the forest.The scene starts off with Susanna bringing news from the doctor, Abigail asks Susanna to "Speak nothin' of it to the village" I think this is because she is scared t ... makes the impression that she really does not want anyone to find out.I would play the character of Abigail so that she seems very worried and apprehensive, I would do this because it would make her s ...

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

themselves from the people that they thought were their friends. The center of attention belongs to Abigail who caused the death of many. Because of her youth, and the time, and age they were in, it w ... n, it was a hard time dealing with things like the devil and witchcraft. Many instances in the play Abigail used false accusations to harm other characters in the play. Because of her youth the court ...

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The ironic lie told by Elizibeth in the end of the book "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

lose friends. When Elizabeth's husband John is accused of being a wizard he clams that his accuser, Abigail, is motivated by the fact that she had an affair with him and is only tying to get back at E ... esty and truth. When Elizabeth found out that her husband John was having an affair with their maid Abigail, she immediately fired her and sent her to live on the streets. Elizabeth does not tolerate ...

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"The Crucible" - Character analysis on Abigail and how her character influences events in the story with quotes and excerpts to back up the information.

Abigail, the orphaned niece to Reverend Parris, is cast out of the house of John and Elizabeth Proct ... ty exit, and even more so when he discovers her dancing in the woods. In order to avoid punishment, Abigail claims to be victimized by evil, thus causing madness that spread like wildfire through Sale ... read like wildfire through Salem, claiming many innocent souls. Yet the one who escaped punishment, Abigail, is not innocent. However, her crime, invisible to the eyes of the judges, for whom faith ha ...

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The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller-631 word to it, great book and very well written

y humanly mistake in the beginning. In considering his wife's sickness and loneliness, he looked to Abigail. Proctor's passion and sexuality no doubt frightened Elizabeth. He probably felt rebuffed an ... lt rebuffed and disappointed when she did not or could not return the expressions of love from him. Abigail most likely adored him because of his strength and honesty. "Gah! I'd almost forgot how stro ...

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This is an account of the events leading up to and during the Salem witch trails. Also added are bio's of key characters during the trails.

cted man in the community. John's family consisted of his wife Elizabeth, daughter Betty, and niece Abigail. At about the same time this was going on a book by Cotton Mather entitled Memorable Provide ...

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The Crucible< john Proctor

eople were accused of being a witch. At the end of the play most of the town is accused of witchery.Abigail is the first girl to cry witch on someone. She leads the group of girls against the "witches ... . She'll do everything through out the play to get him to love her. John Proctor had an affair with Abigail, but he is so ashamed of himself that he doesn't even go to church anymore. John Proctor is ...

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Reasons behind Salem Witch Accusations-bibliography included lucky reader

hy these girls accused their neighbors. I think my theory is one of the great ones. John Proctor andAbigail may not have had an affair but I do believe that there was some form of sexual contact betwe ... ve had an affair but I do believe that there was some form of sexual contact between them. Fromthis Abigail contracted syphilis. This occurred a while before the trials began and so by the time Abigai ...

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This essay is on the Allusions in Authur Millers "The Crucible". It gives a detailed report about theological allusions in the crucible.

in the town after the people there find out that there might be witches that inhabited the village. Abigail and her friends are accusing people of being possessed by demons. When Hale shows up he is c ... essed by demons. When Hale shows up he is convinced that there are witches in the town and believes Abigail. As Abigail walks through the crowd of people surrounding the courtroom where a meeting is b ...

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Book: The Crucible Author: Arthur Miller Title: The Crucible - Motives of the Young Women

me can compare to the witch-hunts in the book.In The Crucible the group of girls, led by Tituba and Abigail that were caught dancing naked in the woods which were allegedly accused of practicing witch ... of others, accusing them of practicing witchcraft, in order to deflect attention from their sins. "Abigail starts the accusations by saying, "I go back to Jesus; I kiss his hand. I saw Sarah Good wit ...

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The Crucible: The book vs the Screenplay

his parishioners in a rigid lifestyle, is fearful that the actions of his daughter Betty and niece Abigail will have repercussions on him. During this act we are introduced to the disputes over land ... eathen in the forest?"The dance in the play is described in two totally different ways, as sport by Abigail "It were sport, uncle!" and heathen dancing by Reverend Parris. Abigail is then questioned b ...

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Louisa May Alcott

es.Louisa May Alcott was born on her father's thirty third birthday, November 29, 1832, to Amos and Abigail Alcott in Germantown, Pennsylvania. She was the second born and the most mischievous of the ... ood friend named Emerson who agreed to help him in his "philosophical conversations". In July 1840, Abigail was born to the Alcotts. Amos went to England and returned with three men, Charles Lane, his ...

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Movie review about homecoming: a Filipino movie about SARS awareness

my advice, it is better if you watch it by yourself. The story flows in the life of Abigail Edades played by Alessandra de Rossi, an OFW who came home from Toronto, Canada to arrange h ... virus. When Noel suffered a difficulty in breathing they rushed him in San Lazaro Hospital and both Abigail and his brother were subjected to a 14 -day quarantine. Abigail surpassed the virus but unfo ...

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The Crucible: Emotion Vs. Reason

sometimes prevailed over reason. This is evident in Act III during the scene in the courtroom where Abigail and the other girls are frantically claiming that Mary Warren is afflicting them. The other ... aiming that Mary Warren is afflicting them. The other girls get caught up in the emotion created by Abigail and pretend to see and feel what she does so as to be a part of the group. The whole time, t ...

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