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Safe v.s unsafe sex

life that included numerous new sexual contacts. The safest option regarding AIDS and sex is total abstinence from all sexual contact. For those who prefer to indulge in sexual contact, this is often ... years. Equal time has not been given to the opinion held by many medical experts that extra-marital abstinence is without a doubt the best way to avoid these diseases. Premarital sex is hardly an expr ...

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ut ifused correctly the modern methods of contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy.Except for abstinence, the male condom, which is made of a tight material thatcovers the entire penis, is the s ... s aday to $200 a year. Nothing is 100 percent effective against pregnancy, STDs, and HIV,except for abstinence.

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Post Acute Withdrawal (P.A.W)

Post Acute Withdrawal or P.A.W. is a sobriety-based symptom that makesabstinence difficult and often contributes to relapse. The presence of braindysfunction and change i ... galcoholics tested from a neurological standpoint. These symptoms begin to appearin 7-14 days after abstinence and can continue for a period of six months (orlonger). Recovery and the accompanying cha ... ological systems, causedby the addiction, may prohibit one's body from utilizing consumed nutrients.Abstinence alone will help some, but is usually not enough. A recommended dietfor an early recoverin ...

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Sex Education: Does It Really Work?

sed today are not effective at controlling these three problems. Today's sex education programs are abstinence based. 'Washington has spent some $31.7 million developing abstinence only curricula' (Sh ... nger age is the reason for the failure of sex education in this country. To counteract this problem abstinence should be taught to children under the age of 16. Then when the children reach the age of ...

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Prohibition of alcohol in the States. A Noble Experiment?

nge in the 1800's. Early on, a few strict religious interests began to advocatetemperance, which is abstinence from alcohol. Then most major denominations took it upas a cause. At first, they mainly c ...

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Personal opinion of the harm reduction model. A harm reduction approach

I believe to be most prevalently misused substances.Originally, I was under the misconception that abstinence was the only method of approach for people with issues of misuse. I have since been intro ... and the abundance of research I have done on this topic. As a reformed smoker, I once believed that abstinence was the only way, cold turkey. Watching my parents struggle with their nicotine addiction ...

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Creative writing on "Things Fall Apart" by Achenua Achebe. The teacher wanted us to explain our own culture to the Africans.

ampaign associated with the slogan "Voluntary Motherhood." This campaign advocated birth control by abstinence.(, Historical Overview of Contracep ...

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"Sexuality in the Victorian Era"

little, if any, sexual openness. Britain became primarily Protestant and mores such as chastity or abstinence as well as sex with only one partner and other strict rules involving the roles of women ...

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Reflective essay on my personal life.

do, but what not to do. Encountering alcohol and drugs at such a young age actually strengthened my abstinence and self-restraint from them. Although my brother really was a good role model, for he di ...

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The Influence that Christianity had on Public Morality and education in Australia throughout the years of 1788-1901.

g education.The temperance movement was dedicated to promoting moderation and, more often, complete abstinence in the use of intoxicating liquor. Although an abstinence pledge had been introduced by c ...

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Sex Education and Teens.

on in the 80's, they really didn't teach us how to protect ourselves. We were never instructed that abstinence was an acceptable form of birth control. They didn't teach us that sexual promiscuity was ... y disagree with this theory.What kind of message are we sending our youth? It is difficult to teach abstinence to our teens if all they see or hear about is sex. It is marketed on television commercia ...

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Voter Behavior.

r abstaining. Bianco would say, in response to Johnson's comment, that voters are rational in their abstinence for a few reasons. Bianco wrote that even if a voter preferred one candidate a lot more t ...

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about his mathematical achievements. He was part of a religion that prescribed obedience, silence, abstinence from food, simplicity in dress and possessions, and the habit of frequent self-examinatio ...

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Argumentative paper for sex education in school

d get an education? Than why should schools not educate our children about sex and help stress that abstinence is best? Sex education is not helping to promote that a child go out and engage in sexual ... t of sex education is not to promote kids to go out and engage in sexual activity, it is to promote abstinence and educate kids on STD's and how to protect themselves if they do decide to engage in se ...

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This essay is a problem solution essay about teenage pregnacy.

aby. There are many possible solutions to prevent teenage pregnancy like discouraging early dating, abstinence, and using birth control and condoms. Although there are all these possible solutions the ... having a baby is though.Possible solutions to help prevent pregnancy are discouraging early dating, abstinence, and using birth control and condoms. Although there are all these solutions not all of t ...

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"The Plan of God, not my Flesh" - A personal essay about premarital sex.

hips. I was not worried about putting my future husband at risk for deadly infections and diseases. Abstinence is the key to a stronger marriage free from sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnanc ... reads, "Seventy-percent of all juveniles in state reform institutions come from fatherless homes." Abstinence is effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Imagine how specia ...

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Birth Control and Contreceptive Use for High School Students

f you know someone who has gotten pregnant in high school. Birth control is the best alternative to abstinence, because face it, teens have sex, and will continue to have sex. Both girls and boys play ...

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How To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

regnancy's. In the prevention of teen pregnancy there are many things that are helpful. For example Abstinence is a for sure factor of not getting pregnant. There are also other helpful ways to help p ... on and birth control. All of these things are essential in the helpful prevention of teen pregnancy.Abstinence is when you give up something you desire or of pleasure to you. Abstaining from sexual ac ...

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SEx Education in Todays schools

about sex.According to a 2000 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, one in three schools teaches abstinence only sexual education. These students are taught, quite simply, the anatomy part of sexua ... congress showed its support by putting aside fifty million dollars for schools that agreed to teach abstinence-only sex-ed. Of, course, teaching teens to say no to sex is an incredibly valuable messag ...

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Should condoms be given out in highschool? I do believe condoms should be given out in highschool.

and make it easy for teens to obtain a condom? Should schools encourage safe sex, or only push for abstinence? These are some of the questions parents and for me being a parent I have to ask myself i ... way to protect them from getting pregnant and getting diseases. Responsible adults can preach about abstinence and hope that a youth is listening, or society can deal with reality, knowing teens are h ...

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