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Basketball Needs to be Fixed

bucks the players hurt themselves. In the world that we live in today, if you do not have a college degree, opportunities are limited. Look at the statistics, 60 players are drafted each year, and the ... ill make the team is almost an impossibility. Some people go back to school and try to finish their degrees, but most do not because once you give up your eligibility, you cannot get it back, with mea ...

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A College Education: Is it Worth $100,000?

given by four college graduates who expected more opportunity when they graduated with a four year degree. I sympathize with these men and women who are working in jobs that do promote their ability. ... jobs that do promote their ability. Jim McKay, a graduate from the University of Washington, with a degree in English, did not expect the reality that hit him when he went searching for a job. McKay w ...

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Personal Goals

ly retire from the military to collect a pension by the age of 38; thereafter, I can use my college degree to attain another career.As I began to investigate the possibilities of continuing my educati ... ose once again. I needed a plan that would allow me not only the time to accomplish my search for a degree, but also find time for my family life and naval career. Any means of education that I would ...

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The Value of a College Education.

number of studies have shown that college graduates have much higher earnings than those without a degree. In fact, the typical college graduate often earns six hundred thousand dollars or more durin ... Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released information showing that people who held Bachelor degrees in 2000 had average salaries of over $46,000 while those who had not attended college made a ...

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The Benefits of Working Full Time before College

t to do this anymore. He made less money than his co-workers did, because of lack of a professional degree. Finally, he applied for a college, and chose his major on business, which he had some experi ... real world, and find out to know how difficult it is to find a proper job without having a college degree, they will eventually change their mind to continue their education through college. For exam ...

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Malcolm X: The Quintessential Intellectual

ture of history and the role of the oppressed within it. He was not concerned with the status of an academic degree; he instead utilized his prison resources to pursue his homemade education. Accordin ...

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College Cost

might not consider. Although the cost of college has risen it is almost necessary to have a college degree in this day and age.Tuition is fairly simple to understand; it's the amount the college requi ... gh the cost of college has increased over the years, today it is almost necessary to have a college degree in order to go into the competitive workplace. "On average, a person with a bachelor's degree ...

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"Is College Still Worth The Expense?"

prove our skills and learn more, and it helps us to maintain higher levels of social competence and academic levels. Education remains an important investment for the future. Having an advanced degree ... he place they feel those skills are best developed is in the university environment. If we have the academic ability to succeed, don't kid ourselves that a university isn't worth the expense.

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Characteristics Of Mine...

itch means you have to know when it's time to buckle down and get to work. I know getting a college degree is hard work and this is were that quality would come into play.Net would have to be that I'm ...

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Is it right that college graduates earn higher salaries than the less well-educated in the community?

n parents and students, thousands of brilliant students will be deprived of chances to pursue their academic inspiration. Among those who suffer would definitely be future great scientists, business m ...

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to begin looking for a job. After receiving your BA, baccalaureate degree in sociology which is an academic degree conferred by a college or university upon those who complete the undergraduate curri ... and involve you in working with diverse groups. Once acquiring a master's degree or MA, which is an academic degree conferred by a college or university upon those who complete at least one year of pr ...

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Career Development Paper

ht now I'm currently where I want to be career wise, but before the University of Phoenix and my BS degree in Information Technology. I was just an average desktop support technician with nothing but ... lt. There was no room for expansion on my end and I was at the top peak to where I can go without a degree. So I will discuss where I was before my career started.My last job which was not even a week ...

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Full-time Students Vs. Part -t

of this feat, there is no limit to the success one can attain in their life. Students receive their degree at different times in their lives depending on their finances, responsibilities and time rest ... dying and fitting their job schedule into their school schedule. These students can complete a full degree program in about 4 - 5 years.Part-time students are generally older, and living on their own. ...

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ng salary and job requirements are the same whether a graduate from college or a university, with a degree one is able to further their placement and a possible pay increase is more likely. There has, ... apply for these examinations after having taken and completed the appropriate college or university degrees.Nurses join a union to work in hospitals. they may also belong to professional organizations ...

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Five Year Plan

an Associates of Art in Photographic Imaging at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I should receive this degree in the spring of 2002. When completing this degree I will move back to my hometown and get se ... val I plan to enroll in a business management program at Tech. No matter my final career path, this degree will give me an advantage over the competition. I want assist a photographer in the Greenvill ...

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The Benefits of a College Degree

ive assistance for tuition I need to maintain my G.P.A. If my G.P.A were to fall I could be putt on academic probation. In turn I would need to work overtime to make up for money lost. College can be ...

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Back To School: The Best Decision I Have Ever Made

ion so that some day I could run my own business. I know it isn't an easy thing to do and getting a degree in business will certainly help me have an idea as to where I should start. Another re ... nt paying career. I have found that it is very difficult to get a high paying job without a college degree. I think the main thing that caused me to go to college is needed to prove to myself t ...

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The research proposal will study education, age, job level, gender, and length of employment to determine if workforces are being utilized effectively with regard to education.

e was chosen, because the group of directors from the Equal Opportunity Program would contrast with academic administrators, because historically they would be less likely to move beyond these positio ... career path variables and administrative positions held by African Americans (EOP directors versus academic administrators)? (3) Do subjective perceptions of the Glass Ceiling enhance understanding o ...

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Pro-Peace Corps vs. No-Peace Corps

recipes from other countries, and a "What's Your Peace Corps Style?" quiz to tell you what kind of degree you might want to get in college so you can serve in that field. Seeing as how you have to ha ...

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Having an advanced college degree is a vital for person looking for employment in today's economy because in today's society ma ... erson looking for employment in today's economy because in today's society many people hold college degrees higher than a Bachelor's Degree. If one is to be noticed in the employment world you need at ... . If one is to be noticed in the employment world you need at least a Bachelor's or even a Master's Degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "The average percent of students that get good ...

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