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Academic freedom Vs. Community Freedom

ife in the real-world society. Therefore, I affirm the resolution, which states, "When in conflict, academic freedom in U. S. high schools ought to be valued above community standards"To clarify the r ... e resolution and the round, I offer the following definitions from The American Heritage Dictionary:Academic Freedom-Liberty to teach, pursue, and discuss knowledge without restriction or interference ...

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Community Standards Vs. Academic freedom

eed to know." Because I agree with Carl Rogers, I must negate the resolution that When in conflict, academic freedom in U.S. high schools ought to be valued above community standards.My core value for ... nity standards must be upheld.Another term that I would like to define that is key to this round is academic freedom. In an academy or U.S. high school there are two relevant types of people - teacher ...

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The government style of Japan after WWII. It was changed and reformed by America with American ideas.

piness, a free press, and free assembly were guaranteed. These were joined by newer rights, such as academic freedom, collective bargaining, sexual equality in marriage, and minimal standards of whole ...

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Tenure in higher education

re and fire faculty as student needs change. Others argue that tenure is vital to the protection of academic freedom and that without tenure we will return to the days when faculty were dismissed for ...

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Political Correctness: A controversial piece about how political correctness is dominating the public school system.

ion in public schools. I scoured the internet looking for David Horowitz-- America's most outspoken academic freedom crusader. To my dismay, his only focus is on colleges. Even then, he was still of h ... , their self-confidence and critical thinking skills are sharply curbed. If we as conservatives and academic freedom advocates allow this to continue, America will be one step closer to becoming a totalitarian state.

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Frederick Douglass

The government gives American citizens certain freedoms such as political freedom, academic freedom, social freedom and emotional freedom that you achieve by using other freedoms. Fre ... eedom is the right, or the capacity, of self determination as an expression of the individual will. Academic freedom is the freedom of teachers, students, and academic institutions to pursue knowledge ... ional freedom the ability to participate in the world. The government gives Americans political and academic freedom but an American must achieve their own emotional freedom. In order to achieve emoti ...

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The Ethics of Academic Freedom

doms for granted and base everything that they say has merit given his or her First Amendment right?Academic FreedomAcademic Freedom exists. ."in order that society will have the benefit of honest jud ... is "a national organization committed solely to college and university faculty members. It defends academic freedom and tenure, advocates collegial governance, and develops policies ensuring due proc ...

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Freedom of Speech

s. I am not one of those people. I believe all campuses should adhere to First Amendment principles academic freedom is one of the foundations of education in a free society.No social institution is b ...

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Censorship *****'S

egories, which are referred to as political, religious, against obscenity, and censorship affecting academic freedom. All of these categories are equal in their destructiveness towards free speech. Th ... egories, which are referred to as political, religious, against obscenity, and censorship affecting academic freedom. All of these categories are equal in their destructiveness towards free speech. Th ...

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Personnel in Technology

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Animal rights

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