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PLATO: Greatest Contributor to Philosophy A report about Plato's contributions to the development of philosophy. It covers his Academy, Dialogues, and his student Aristotle.

of philosophy. Proof of Plato's prominence in the world of philosophy can be clearly seen with his Academy, his renowned scholar Aristotle, and his Dialogues.Plato made a huge contribution to philoso ... holar Aristotle, and his Dialogues.Plato made a huge contribution to philosophy when he founded the Academy. The philosopher loved science although he was never especially accurate. Given that many of ...

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Oscar History.

OSCAR HISTORYThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional honorary organization composed of over ... nization composed of over 6,000 motion picture artists and craftsmen and women. The purposes of the Academy are to advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures; foster cooperation among creative l ... e; and foster educational activities between the professional community and the public-at-large.The Academy's field of activity does not include economic, labor, or political matters. The Academy was ...

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Sexual Discrimination at the United States Air Force Academy

on issue the Air Force currently is targeting, sexual discrimination at the United States Air Force Academy. I will include a discussion of strengths and weakness of the existing policy and make recom ... gue, that is an elite institution of higher education. I am speaking of the United States Air Force Academy. According to the U.S. News and World Report, it ranked the Air Force Academy sixth in the n ...

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Plato's Academy, A mathematical history

Plato's Academy--A mathematical historyThe opening of Plato's Academy in about 387 B.C. is heralded as the t ... s the turning point in mathematics and was the first European university (Copleston, 127). The word Academy is derived from the name Academos -- the prior owner of the land on which the school was bui ... as built -- and has become synonymous with higher thought and learning. Prior to the opening of the academy, mathematics was viewed as a subject relevant only to practical matters. Plato regarded the ...

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Gullivers Travels: A Voyage to Laputa

l and the divider, they are the clumsiest people Gulliver had ever seen in the practical life." The Academy, one of the king'saccomplishments, holds a collection of the world's smartest people, they j ... mprove the condition of their lives. For example, Gulliver noticed that in one of many rooms of the Academy, a professor was trying to "collect the sunlight" from cucumbers by grinding them, he also m ...

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PLATO: His Biography and Works

n the grounds that had once belonged to a legendary Greek called Academus, it came to be called the Academy, and this term has been associated with schools around the world ever since. It was an insti ... devoted to research and instruction in philosophy and the sciences. His reasons for setting up the Academy were connected with his earlier ventures into politics. He had been bitterly disappointed wi ...

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Manet painting

complete defiance to all that was considered appropriate and indeed, acceptable in the eyes of the Academy. This however, it can be argued was Manet¹s wish. For, by 1882, after years of constant ... 1882, after years of constant rejection by the critical elite, Manet¹s frustration toward the Academy was at its peak, the very sense of having, (what he considered) to be his best work dismisse ...

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Media Comparison Paper

of their products online more cost effectively and on a more global scale than with printed media. Academy Sports + Outdoors, “one of the nation’s largest sporting goods retailers, operatin ... st sporting goods retailers, operating over 100 stores across the southeastern United States” (Academy, 2008), is a company that markets with printed media, as well as online marketing. Although ...

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Plato's Life Essay

ocrates, Pythagoras, and Heraclitus.One of Plato's greatest accomplishments was his founding of The Academy. After witnessing Socrates' death and leaving Athens, Plato returned to Athens. Soon after h ... to Athens. Soon after his return, Plato established the first ever European university called "The Academy" in the western suburbs of Athens in the year 387 B.C.E. Plato's school was named after the ...

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