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Digestive system, Heartburn

from the stomach. Also, if you lean over while working, pressure builds in the organs, pushing the acids upwards.Heartburn is often very uncomfortable for the individual who has it. There are not man ... rs, which eat through the mucous layer of the organs in the digestive tract by means of enzymes and acids. It also causes an irritable bowel through syndromes. Stinosis is also caused by heartburn. Th ...

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This essay dicusses the cause, effects, and prevention of acid rain.

oxides of nitrogen and sulfite combine with moisture in the atmosphere to make nitric and sulfuric acids. These acids can be carried far from their origins. For example, if formed in the United State ... atmosphere and then oxidized in clouds to form nitric or nitrous acid and sulfuric acid. When these acids fall back to the earth they do not cause damage to just the environment but also to human heal ...

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because of its low price, high electricconductivity, and because tin protects against rust and weak acids in food if thecan is made out of tin instead of aluminum.Some common compounds of tin are orga ... metals. A coating of tin also gives a great look to plain oldsteel.Tin cans for food prevents weak acids from damaging the inside ofthe can. Not many cans are made of tin since aluminum started to be ...

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The Exiting World of Water

ent. Water combines with certain salts to formhydrates. Water also reacts with metal oxides to form acids. It actsas a catalyst in many important chemical reactions.OccurrenceWater is the only substan ...

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Rates of reaction

ming metal chlorides and hydrogen; turn litmus red; neutralisealkalis; and react with salts of weak acids, forming chlorides and theweak acids.Magnesium, symbol Mg, silvery white metallic element that ...

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Acid rain and the effect it has on our environment

oxides of nitrogen and sulfite combine with moisture in the atmosphere to make nitric and sulfuric acids. These acids can be carried away far from its origin. The two primary sources of acid rain are ...

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Acid Rain and the effects on the environment.

ruth I had no idea of what it was until I started researching for this report.?Acid rain? refers to acids falling from the sky. The more appropriate or precise term used for acid rain is acid depositi ...

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Facts about Cystic Fibrosis.

et thicker. This makes it harder to breathe.The sticky mucus also blocks the easy flow of digestive acids and enzymes from the pancreas and liver to the intestines.Without adequate amounts of these di ... is not being digested properly, because the mucus is blocking the ability of digestive enzymes and acids to break down food and absorb nutrients.Treatments/Cures/Support GroupsSince the discovery of ...

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en heated. The metal can not rust and by water or by oxygen at room temperature, but it reacts with acids. When heated to about 800° C, it reacts with oxygen and causes a white light. Magnesium me ...

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Rates of reaction between magnesium ribbons and hydrochloric acid. GCSE coursework.

ing metal chlorides and hydrogen; turn litmus red; neutralise alkalis; and react with salts of weak acids, forming chlorides and the weak acids.Magnesium, symbol Mg, silvery white metallic element tha ...

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Acid comes from the Latin word acere, which means sour. In dilute concentrations acids are responsible for the sour taste of lemons, limes, vinegar and other substances. Hydrochlori ... oric acid is produced in your stomach to help digest food. Sulfuric acid is found in car batteries. Acids can conduct an electric current. Acids are also corrosive. When acids react with metals they f ... form hydrogen gas. When an acid reacts with a carbonate it forms carbon dioxide, water, and a salt. Acids can cause skin to burn so you should be careful when handling acids.Our understanding of acids ...

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DNA: Unlocking the Secrets of Life

ou similarities to other people, and what makes you unique and different from everyone else. DNA is acids that are the basis of heredity in more organisms, like in humans; nicknamed the link of genera ... alf of a strand, that is, RNA. It is then transferred to the cytoplasm, which forms proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and there are twenty different amino acids from the DNA c ...

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Titration of amino acids

ilute aqueous solutions. In this laboratory exercise, the data collected from the titration of weak acids with a strong base will be used to graph the titration curves and these titration curves will ... fy an unknown acid by comparing its dissociation constant with dissociation constant of other known acids.IntroductionThe effects of pH and buffers play an important role in the protonation and deprot ...

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Lab: Exploring Organelle Function

e many different types of enzymes, and all of which operate at peak efficiency in concentrations of acids and/or bases (different pH levels). Some enzymes, like the ones contained in blood cells work ...

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PH and Health Problems

id it becomes painful and inflamed. The reason that heartburn relates to the pH scale is because of acids. Acids are one of the main causes of heartburn and acids are measured with pH scales. If the a ... o kill bacteria that you have eaten. This helps prevent diseases of all sorts. The stomach has many acids that can eat through some very strong stuff but then why doesn't it eat our own stomach? Well, ...

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Acid Rain in our World

, making it a situation for everyone to be concerned about.Acid rain is defined as: rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions combine with water. The problem of a ... nowing the strength of the acid content in water. A Ph scale measures the amount of acid in liquid. Acids release hydrogen ions, therefore, the acid content of a solution is based on the concentration ...

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Acid Rain

e sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides can be transformed into sulphuric acid and nitric acid. These Acids can travel worldwide riding the different air currents like a pollution highway. When these ac ... s because compounds found in the region like limestone, magnesium, or calcium which is alkaline (antacids). These alkaline compounds help to neutralize the polluted solution as they make contact with ...

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The Ozone Layer and how it effects Earth

could lead to the effects of an increase in the incidence of skin cancer (UV radiation can destroy acids in DNA), a large increase in cataracts and sun burning, suppression of immune systems in organ ...

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Acidic Oxides: Environmental Peril?

oxide which form acid rain are called sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). The way these acids and compounds are formed, is by when they react with natural substances, along with water, sun ... s:The chemical equation of how nitrogen oxide is turned into nitric acid is:The effect that these 2 acids have on the environment, start with the change of pH of natural rain, with the pH of around 5. ...

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Lab Report for Group I Cations

versity, 89). Through a process of rapidly spinning the solutions in a centrifuge, adding different acids to the solutions, and analyzing the reactions of the remaining liquids and precipitates, the q ... unknown solution.PROCEDUREIn the previous week's experiment, the proper molarities of the necessary acids were prepared. The molarities of these acids include: 6 M HCl, 6 M HNO3, 6 M NH4OH, and 6 M H2 ...

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