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McAdam's Brilliant Return Continues

ADELAIDE- On Saturday last, the awesome return of one of the best Aboriginal footballers to grace th ...

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Was the Grand Prix Benificial for Melbourne

ine percent of interstate visitors andforty five percent of overseas visitors would not have cometo Adelaide in a two year period because of the Grand Prix ifnot for the race. By Albert Park getting t ...

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The changing role of indigenous people in Australia from 1960 to 1975.

s for increased Commonwealth involvement in Aboriginal affairs. At the 1936 Premiers' Conference in Adelaide, it was agreed that while Commonwealth control might not be practical there should be regul ...

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"The Maestro", by Peter Goldsworthy.

Darwin in 1967 and traces Paul's life through his childhood to 1977. During this time he travels to Adelaide, through Europe and ends up settling in Melbourne. The central concern of the novel "Maestr ...

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"Mandragora" written by David McRobbie.

wo survivors.James Ramsay, a sailor aboard the ship, and Margaret Colquhoun, an immigrant bound for Adelaide escaped the wreck of the 'Dunarling' and rested in a small cave until morning when they bro ...

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Character Study of Josephine Alibrandi. From The Novel "Looking for Alibrandi" by Melina Marchetta.

e finds out he did not even know Christina was pregnant at the time when he and his family moved to Adelaide, in fact, he didn't even know that he had a daughter until recently. This drastically chang ...

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Looking for Alibrandi by Brian Cassewell, This is a reveiw and reflection on each chapter of the book.

father has turned up at Sydney. Michael Andretti is his name and he is a barrister who has lived in Adelaide for the past seventeen years. This means Josephine has never seen or met her father which i ...

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Australian Explorers - Edward John Eyre

t began in May 1839. Three Europeans and two Aborigines accompanied Eyre and they headed north from Adelaide in order to find rich grazing country. They discovered rich country between the Gawler and ... did not open up new pasture or agricultural lands or stock routes, but it did confirm that between Adelaide and Perth there lay a huge, arid and forbidding wilderness.

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Sidney Myer and his brother, Russian immigrants, opened the first Myer store in 1900 in Bendigo.Am article about Myer

8. After establishing themselves in Melbourne, the two brothers expanded the business setting up in Adelaide and then eventually across the whole country. Myer now has 67 stores nationally and is a ma ...

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LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI: by Melina Marchetta: Josephine is a realistic heroine because she has as many flaws as virtues. Discuss.

r HSC at St. Martha's, is confronted by her father, who she has never seen before, and had moved to Adelaide upon learning that Christina, Josie's mother, was pregnant. The arrival of her father, at h ...

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Aunt Flo's Funeral - Creative Writing Task

er face, but I could see what was coming. I was on my guard, in case she tried anything."My name is Adelaide DeLuge and I hope you're wearing thick pants! STAND ON THE BLOODY BIN BAG!" she bellowed.Wh ... omen hastily busied themselves with their bin bags, Adriana remained unperturbed by Mum's outburst."Adelaide," Adriana said calmly, "I understand your denial; I went through it myself. I think I know ...

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Aquifer Storage Recovery

on 13.2 What Is ASR? 23.2.1 ASR Applications 23.2.2 Where Is ASR? 33.2.3 History of ASR 43.3 ASR In Adelaide 53.3.1 Development in Adelaide 63.4 Problems With ASR 73.5 Conclusion 73.6 Figures 93.7 Ref ... age Recovery (ASR). The report descriptions contained emphasize ASR wells, ASR Applications, ASR in Adelaide and future trends and project development.Because of growing populations, demand for water ...

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Marine Ecology - Port Noarlunga Reef: Should it remain a reserve?

by vile acts by humans. The unique Reef has been established for over 36 years, and is also one of Adelaide's main attractions. Therefore it has a right to be free of endangerment.Port Noarlunga Reef ... he ecosystem to survive.Port Noarlunga reef should retain as a sanctuary. This reserve is unique to Adelaide. Jakon Johan States "Reefs comprise some of the densest and most diverse habitats in the wo ...

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Migration of Italians

inly settled were in country areas of Victoria, Queensland and Griffith, NSW (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide). The Influence that Italians had and still here today would be especially the foods by ope ...

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David Hicks - Aussie in an Execution Cel: His life and how he came to be imprisoned for terrorism.

46;m now going to go back to where it all started, through the life of David Hicks.Dave was born in Adelaide, August 7, 1975 to two British parents. At the age of ten his parents divorced, his father ...

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Ash Wednesday

es burnt down, and around 335,000 sheep lost, as well as 18,000 cattle. Not to mention the fires in Adelaide and South Australia. There was 330,000 hectares destroyed and 25,000 stock wiped out "“ ... s spontaneous combustion from which material that was on the ground. Also a young youth arrested in Adelaide, accused of lighting a fire. As well as poor maintenance of SEC power lines was blamed for ...

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The Australian Outback

The OutbackWelcome on board of our Lufthansa flight 5467 from Buxtehude to Adelaide. Please fasten your seatbelts for an exiting trip.The people of Australia call their countr ... Inhabitants are living here, they call it outback.Please look at the map and let us go by car from Adelaide (Ort auf der Karte zeigen) through the heart of Australia to Darwin. We follow the Stuart H ... Stuart Highway (Strecke zeigen). On this 3000 km we get an impression of the real outback.We leave Adelaide and after 600 km reach Pimba. In Pimba a very small town with 40 inhabitants we find one of ...

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Stock Market Analysis

ut in 1999 and has since deployed over 450 km of high-speed metropolitan networks in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, and Hobart, accessing over 250 buildings. The Company is advancing rapidly towards its lon ...

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iterate his tragic past, and chooses Darwin as his hiding place. For Paul, Darwin is different from Adelaide, but he quickly adapts to his new home because it meets his needs, and Adelaide becomes a d ... the case of Paul's parents, however, they are unwilling exiles from the South. John Crabbe's job in Adelaide was as a medical doctor for the government, but he always regarded music as more important ...

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The sorrow of World War 1

In Adelaide in the fall of 1912, a young man named John who was 20 years and 11 months old was hoeing a ... after his degree was over he would return to his home state to become a Teacher in his home town of Adelaide.Rick was a year and a half older than he was. They were to be going to the same university. ... ersity. Rick had come from Hobart and he planed to return there just like John planned to return to Adelaide. The both of them had a little brother and sister. Rick father and uncles all were in the a ...

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