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The Internet and it's Future

in the world via special wireless modems. Currently,telephone companies are testing a new service, ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), that will allow connectionsto the internet that hit speeds ...

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th one of switch, 10 computers, one network printer fileserver. It will connect by Modem Router for ADSL. The figure is show below:The information of design the network will develop by the fol ... cess to Internet, There have two choice of the Internet Access is common using - Cable Internet and ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).Cable Internet has higher speed on the downstream and u ...

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Comparison of Cable modems to DSL

is at around 550-650 KB or (4500-5500 Mbps), but some people may experience slightly faster speeds. ADSL Modems (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) operate over existing copper telephone lines and p ... Mbps, therefore the speed will also vary from providers.Cable modems may offer more raw speed than ADSL, but that advantage is compromised by inevitable reductions in available cable modem speed. Cab ...

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De Eigenschappen van Glasvezel

voordeel, maar heeft ook een nadeel. Het voordeel is dat het veel en veel sneller gaat dan normale ADSL verbindingen, maar het nadeel van een glasvezel is dat heet heel duur is om aan te sluiten, dit ...

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ansmit data at high speeds. These technologies, collectively called xDSL, come in two main flavors. ADSL, which is an acronym for asymmetric digital subscriber line, is the most common. This name was ... rently are not available anywhere except in a very few test markets. Bell Atlantic has been testing ADSL in Northern Virginia for the last few months. Users have been paying sixty dollars per month, w ...

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