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"Second Sight" by Sinclair Smith.

ed closely with physics before. Earlier that day Grayson had managed to find out that her donor was Aileen Mills, this name meant nothing to her but she mentioned it to Soames anyway and as soon as sh ... had said it the big smile across he face disappeared. She wondered what was wrong and he said that Aileen Mills worked with him, she was a physic who had visions of murders, and she had passed away o ...

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A funny story during a Ski trip.

he first people to ski off of the chairlift that day happened to be two eleven year old girls named Aileen and Megan. Awaking early did not occur often in the girls lives, but the chance to ski caused ... to rise from the pillow. Arriving at the summit of the mountain nestled in the heart of the Vermont Aileen and Megan greeted their first day of skiing that winter with much anticipation. It was the ty ...

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Monster: A movie review..

INTRODUCTIONThe movie titled "Monster" is an attempt to recap the notorious killing spree of Aileen Wuornos. Having researched the killings earlier in my education, I found the movie to be a gr ... ildhood with her father, how he wood beat her for having sex with his friend, however in real life, Aileen's parents had been divorced several months before her birth. She never met her father.After t ...

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Serial Killers: Why Killers Kill.

to society because the Social Control Theory and Agnew's General Strain Theory justify these claims.Aileen Pittman, born February 29th 1956 in Rochester, Michigan, is an example of a serial killer who ... s Laurie and Britta claiming they were crying, unhappy babies. Wuornos later adopted them. At age 6 Aileen suffered scaring facial burns because she and Keith were setting fires with lighter fluid, he ...

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tell you this and I want you to be the first person to know my plan."I smiled at him."I will court Aileen."At that time, my world breaks.Like what he said, he court Aileen.She's beautiful, they are a ... still love him.I don't have any news about him. He doesn't even bother to look at me.Maybe, he and Aileen are now together.I don't want to get hurt anymore. Now, I realized...that my heart already di ...

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Introduction:Aileen Wuornos a hitchhiking hooker convicted for seven first degree murders. [Insert YouTube video] ... or seven first degree murders. [Insert YouTube video]For the next ?-? minutes we will be discussing Aileen Wuornos. Time being limited we will focus on three areas of her life: 1st Her Childhood,2nd h ... on three areas of her life: 1st Her Childhood,2nd her adulthood, and 3rd A retrospective.Childhood:Aileen was born on February 29, 1956 in Rochester Michigan. She had a year older brother Keith, Aile ...

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