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Degrease Engine

tart covering up parts that will not react well to cleaners and water. You don't want water in your air filter or down the dipstick.Plastic bags and rubber bands work best to cover up parts. You will ... he dipstick.Plastic bags and rubber bands work best to cover up parts. You will want to seal up the air intake and air filter. The distributor and coil should also be covered. Use large bags for large ...

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Fixing A Truck

t off after the cover was out of the way. Then, I took out the top radiator hose out, and moved the air filter hose out of the way. The next step in the process was removing the power steering pump it ... erent pulleys, and tension wheels. It took a couple of minutes, but I got it done. Then I moved the air filter hose back over, and put the radiator hose back on with the new clamps that I bought. Last ...

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How To Do A Tune Up

is consistently used with out proper maintenance it will often lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs. Automobile owners will save money and the hassle of costly repairs by servicing a tune-up on t ... ges will do the following for a tune-up: 1. Replace Oil & Oil Filter 2. Replace Air Filter 3. Rotate Tires 4. Check Tire Pressure 5. Check Brakes 6. ...

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Chromatography Lab

ocess of separating matter from a substance by causing the latter to pass through the pores of some filter substance (may be gravitational or vacuum) Procedure: Collect materials Clamp the flask in ... ials Clamp the flask in the ring stand Add Buckner funnel to the top of the flask Place piece of filter paper (with pores small enough that only the liquid passes through) in the funnel so that lay ...

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The Great Depression

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