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Airbags-Pop em' or Keep em'

Airbags-Pop em' or Keep em'During the rainstorm, it's hard to see anything-especially when the downp ... buck and the mother freeze. A milli-second later, a powerful explosion occurs inside the cabin. The airbags deflate nearly as quickly as they inflate, and Sean begins to scream. His mother is fine. Th ... are not the only victims, though. Small women and the elderly have also been killed as a result of airbags. The time has come to ask ourselves, 'Do airbags really work?'First off, most people feel th ...

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Discusses how various safety devices in cars can help to save your life if and when they are used properly, talks about seatbelts, airbags, head restraints, and ABS

the driver and the passengers, in the event of an accident. The safety features include seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and head restraints.The safety trends of today date back to the 1950's wh ... ldren sitting in the front seat. Many manufacturers are now installing less forceful, but effective airbags in new vehicles. These Next or Second Generation air bags comply with new Federal regulation ...

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This is a report on the importance of using a saftey belt. I handed this in for my health class and rceived a 100.

nd under are killed as occupants in motor vehicles and more than 280,000 are injured. Safety belts, airbags and proper child safety seats when used consistently and correctly, can significantly reduce ...

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Airbags Are Useful

Airbags are useful; they should stay in the cars.In 1997,Mr Robert.H.Nelson wrote an article called ... extremely short-statured, i.e., four feet, six inches or less (quoted from In fact, NHTSA still feel that drivers are safer with an air bag than without, i ... soft pillow to land against in a crash must be so tempting that in the 1980s, the first commercial airbags appeared in automobiles. The use of airbags was heralded as an effective means of further re ...

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My Fire Fighting Experience

ting off the truck before the officer told me to get out. He told me to go get the cribbing and the airbags and a ton of other firefighting tools that I had no clue what they were. I asked everybody a ...

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Fine Automobiles (persuasive)

te play in modern life. Cars are safer than ever before. With crash safety devices such as multiple airbags and crush zones to ensure survival it's tough to think of purchasing a less safe automobile. ... gerous areas of the car away from the driver and his/her passengers. Another feature is intelligent airbags which inflate in the areas of possible impact as well as re-inflate in the chance of another ...

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The danger of air bags and the

or safety in automobiles, and this includes air bags and other restraint systems. To put the use of airbags in perspective, since their mandate in the late 1980's until now, 2.25 million driver-side a ... 5 million driver-side air bags have deployed saving approximately 3,000 drivers. ( This number was calculated by a mathematical analysis of real-world fatality experience o ...

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Emergency Room

t. She got hit at an intersection and then hit someone else. Also, she had her seat belt on and her airbags went on. There was pain in her lower back and knees. She was also pregnant and she drank and ...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

distances students travel now to go and get alcohol. Also the technologies in cars and use of safer airbags have helped that statistic” (Maloney ¶10). The process of having to drive to and b ...

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