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Book Review of Black In Blue by Nicholas Alex

academic specialty-the sociology of professions and occupations-while an industrial engineer in the aircraft industry, later as business manager of the Walden School. This is his first book.In this bo ...

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The Industry and Background Study of Boeing

The industry of the Boeing was the Aircraft Industry. Commercial aircraft manufacturing was an industry of enormous risks where failure ... ur commercial jet makers had been reduced into two which are Boeing and Airbus. The main reason why aircraft manufacturers so often failed was because of the huge product development. For any commerci ... e cash flow throughout the development phase. Typically, to break even on an entirely new jetliner, aircraft manufacturers needed to sell a minimum of 300 to 400 planes and at least 50 planes per year ...

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were a wartime secret. With this new rip-resistant mixture, duralumin quickly spread throughout the aircraft industry in the early 1930s, where it was well suited to the new monocoque construction tec ... um is specified for such uses. Conversely, the term "alloy" usually means aluminium alloy.In modern aircraft Duralumin has evolved into the alloys known as 2017, 2117, and 2024. Also, in future, its g ...

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tionalise its operations by opening to different facilities One in China Assembling and Maintaining Aircraft Engines and the other in Europe fabricating turbine blades for Aircraft engines.We have sho ... ould get, access to the global markets as well as the stability of the UK which is essential to the aircraft industry as delays on orders leads to very losses for all concerned in the Industry.The UK' ...

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he US and the EU over subsidies and other forms of aid for the world's two dominant makers of civil aircraft, Boeing and Airbus. Both sides accuse the other of distorting competition within the sector ... that total subsidies running into the double digit billions have been unjustifiably pumped into the aircraft industry of their rival.In October 2004, the United States terminated the Agreement on Trad ...

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The Concorde project

were the base for a new idea to fly faster than the speed of sound. After the Second World War the aircraft industry was technologically prepared to produce a supersonic plane, however it was a deman ... that this mission is to large for them on they own (Clarke, 1976).Britain was falling in the worlds aircraft industry chart in the early 50's, partially because of the failure of the Comet project, wh ...

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Concorde project

ure??? 15References 16 INTRODUCTIONTHE SUPERSONIC CONCORDEIn Nov. 1956, a Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee (STAC) was established comprising of representatives of engine manufacturers, Bri ... C) was established comprising of representatives of engine manufacturers, Britain's aircraft, Royal Aircraft Establishment and government officials to study the possibility of producing a supersonic a ...

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