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Safety Culture and Profit: Aviation's Continuing Organizational Dilemma

l DilemmaAbstractThe safety vs. profit organizational dilemma has been a prominent trademark of the airline industry since its inception. This paper critically analyzes and compares two sets of manage ... profit are concerned. Theoretically there should be a positive correlation between the two (a safe airline should be a profitable airline and a profitable airline should be a safe airline). However, ...

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Letter Of Response

Airline Industry The airline industry has seen many changes in the past, and currently contunies to ... ng to the deregulation action created by congress in the hopes of being socially beneficial. Airlines have become a luxury and necessity for passengers because of the quickness of travel. The a ... les of people change and become quicker paced so does the demand for quick transpoortation methods. Airlines are responding to sociey's and because of the low degree of contestability they can control ...

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Airline Alliances

History and Formation of Alliances Before 1978, the airline industry was significantly different than its operations today. The industry was heavily reg ... ency and name recognition were the main competitive drivers. Currently, the differentiation between airlines circulates around price and destination. The industry was at maturation with little growth ... s at maturation with little growth or competitive stimulation.In 1978, the US government passed the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. In the same year, the United States concluded liberal bilateral ag ...

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Southwest Airlines Case Study

A. and Peterson, Robert A. Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments. 11th Edition.Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines employees came together in late January 1995 for their weekly Tuesday mee ... for their weekly Tuesday meeting. A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United". As they were beginning the meeting a staff ...

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Three Important Changes to the Regulatory Environm

free market. (Eisner, Worsham and Rehnquist 2000, 17). Also argued is that the deregulation of the airlines and long-distance companies was justified and needed because of the deteriorating state of ... es was justified and needed because of the deteriorating state of the industries. The United States Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 was the ?core of the efficiency regime? (Eisner, 171), which sough ...

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Industry Research Part I• Select an industry that is affected by the economy, such as the airline, automotive, home building, or technological industry.• Find at least two sources to he ... nswer the following questions about the industry you chose.Sources:Annotated BibliographyArticle 1: Airlines’ futuresArticle Reference:Haewoon, Y.. (2007). Airlines’ futures. Journal of Reve ...

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From Protection to Competition – The Deregulation of the Airline Industry

1.The importance of airlines to their home countries as a reason for their protection (flag carriers, military considera ... ntries as a reason for their protection (flag carriers, military considerations)For a long time the airline industry was treated as a special case in the international business. The aviation sector wa ... rthermore national defense was cited as the reason for insisting on home country ownership of these airlines on the premise that home country nationals would or could be made to cooperate in the defen ...

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Environmental Analysis: Southwest Airlines

Environmental Analysis1Environmental Analysis12Environmental Analysis: Southwest Airlines Environmental Analysis: Southwest AirlineIntroductionSouthwest Airlines Co. began its oper ... began its operations in 1971 and has been serving the industry for the past 43 years now (Southwest Airlines, n.d.). It is the major domestic airline, and ranked number one in 2014 by the Bureau of Tr ...

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