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The Airship, the ever-popular and ever-living king of the sky

Airships. In the early years of War, these beasts were known for their majestic presence in the sky ... lity workhorse. In this essay, I will discuss the ever-popular and ever-living king of the sky; the Airship.Airships, or dirigibles, were developed from the free balloon. Three classes of airships are ... nly called blimp, in which the form of the bag is maintained by pressure of the gas; the semi-rigid airship, in which, to maintain the form, gas pressure acts in conjunction with a longitudinal keel; ...

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Lighter Than Air: The Lie That is Hydrogen Power.

he true face of hydrogen power was shown in the Hindenburg. The use of hydrogen to lift the massive airship was great, until the fatal collision, followed by the even greater flames that rained down f ... until its power is unleashed on the beholder. When the Hindenburg exploded, the hydrogen inside the airship fueled the flames that destroyed the airship. This could easily happen to any hydrogen-power ...

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About Airships. eg. the hindenburg

AirshipsAn airship is a lighter than air aircraft. An airship has a huge main body that contains lig ... air gas. The gas raises the aircraft and keeps it afloat the same way a gas balloon is lifted. But airships, unlike balloons have engines to move them thorough the air and almost always have equipmen ... Balloons are moved by wind and can't be steered, they travel in the direction the wind takes them. Airships are also different to helicopters and aeroplanes which are heavier than air. Also unlike ai ...

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Types of Airships

Types Of AirshipsThere are three main types of airships:1. Nonrigid Airships2. Rigid Airships3. Semirigid Air ... are three main types of airships:1. Nonrigid Airships2. Rigid Airships3. Semirigid AirshipsNonrigid airships were the first airships and some are still flown today. They don't have any major internal ... envelope ) to keep it's shape. Modern day envelopes are made out of synthetic fabrics.The smallest airships have been the nonrigid types. Some have measured less than 30 metres long. The largest nonr ...

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Biography of the zepplins during the 1st world war

ow courageous the hero was and that he had put himself in such great danger in order to destroy the airship. "He [Lieutenant Robinson] attacked an enemy airship under circumstances of great difficulty ... the air raids although fierce and terrifying were executed without precision. Most of the time the airship's had missed their completely, been shot down or bombed farmers fields roads mistaking them ...

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Zeppelins during WWI

wned by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin . This company was the world's most successful builder of rigid airships. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin flew the first airship in the world that was not tied down. Th ... the LZ-1, and it was flown for the first time on July 2, 1900, near Lake Constance in Germany. This airship was carrying 5 passengers. The cloth-covered blimp, which was an example of many earlier mod ...

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Effects Of WWi

oved to be a great stimulus to the production and military the aircraft, including the airplane and airship, or dirigible balloon, and the tethered balloon (Harvey 86). The Germans also used a chemica ...

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al Air Station in New Jersey.What? A flame appeared on the outer cover of the end of the Hindenburg airship, and Within 34 seconds, the whole airship was engulfed by fire.How? Hugo Eckener thought tha ... ht that the fire was started by an electric spark caused by a build up of static electricity on the airship. The spark supposedly ignited hydrogen, which was leaking, on the outer skin of the airship. ...

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Science Lab

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