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Why we should go to war with Iraq!

is that terrorists and the countries that support them, will not abide by political documents.When al-Qaeda murdered our citizens with no remorse, it was a reminder that diplomacy only works for coun ...

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"Terrorism Against Women" Sept. 11, 2001

tan, known as the Taliban, and its radical views. Recently, it sponsored the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, whose terrorist members flew planes into and destroyed the World Trade Center and parts of ... ountry has gone through so much shock, suffering, and recuperating, all because of the deeds of the Al-Qaeda network and the Taliban government which has supported and harbored them for years.The vict ...

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The role of women in afghanistan during reconstruction.

1994, the Taliban took control of the nation, but after supporting terrorism and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, they too were removed from power in the year 2001. Meetings were held in Bonn, Ger ...

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Compulsory Voting: Why it is a bad idea.

tries across the globe, a great injustice is taking place. It is hard to believe that in the age of Al-Qaeda and "the war on terrorism," few have taken notice of the undemocratic process of compulsory ...

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A Justified Cause, A Persuasive Essay pertaining to my views on Terrorism within the United States.

people.Terrorism isn't anything new to the United States, from The Sons of Liberty in the 1800s to al-Qaeda of the new millennium; it has been a part of our history. Two of the more notable attacks h ...

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President Bush:The Downfall of America A persuasive essay on why George Bush does not deserve the trust of America.

ist organizations working against the US, and that Saddam Hussein had ties to the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, which was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. So far, none of those accusations have been pr ...

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Europe's Threat to the West "Its an article"

in North America and Western Europe?With the exception of the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, notes Al-Qaeda authority Rohan Gunaratna, all major terrorist attacks of the past decade in the West have ...

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Why vote Bush?

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Bin Laden

erica promised big rewards for those who kill mujahedeen (holy warriors)," the speaker said. "We in al-Qaeda organization will guarantee, God willing, 10,000 grams of gold to whoever kills the occupie ... r the Ansar Islam Forum and the Islamic Research Center. Both are clearing-houses for statements by al-Qaeda and other Islamic militant groups. The forum also has a bulletin board on which extremists ...

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Paper on the Al Qaeda Terrorist Organization

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda surpassed the IRA and the PLO as the world's most well-known terrorist organization. Al-Qae ... tion. Al-Qaeda, or "the base" in Arabic, is the network of extremists organized by Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda has its origins in the uprising against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Thousands of ... i Arabia. Bin Laden also studied with radical Islamic thinkers and may have already been organizing al-Qaeda when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Bin Laden was outraged when the government allowed U.S. t ...

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Reasons Behind Islamic Fundamentalist Loathing of the United States

emely difficult task, and not one that should be taken lightly. However, Islamic fundamentalist and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has managed to convince millions of people that his acts of mass mur ... . Ironically, Osama bin Laden was at one point a member of the rebel groups, but later left to form al-Qaeda. However, he believed that he had manipulated both the United States and the Soviet Union, ...

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Al-Qaeda and its Global Reach

Al-Qaeda is perhaps one of the most recognized and feared names in the world. The Al-Qaeda group is ... mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan where he is under the protection of pro-Taliban tribes. Al-Qaeda has managed to infiltrate almost every democratized or western country in the world includi ... es such as India, U.S.A, United Kingdom etc. It is a threat to modern society and the operatives of Al-Qaeda are willing to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve their goals. Countries across t ...

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Preventing 9-11 or A Wanted War?

had foreseen the horrid attacks but did nothing to prepare or prevent such violent attacks from the Al-Qaeda organization. According to in 1998 Bin Laden had declared war in front of a A ... all targets." Bill Clinton, the United States President at the time pushed aside the threats until al-Qaeda blows up American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing more than 200 people. Only then ...

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David Hicks - Aussie in an Execution Cel: His life and how he came to be imprisoned for terrorism.

by US soldiers, to an Australian citizen!He aint in the best position right now having trained with al-Qaeda, spoken with Al-Qaeda leaders after 9/11 (supposedly) and was prepared to engage against US ...

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